1. Yeah, none of the hotels are amazing when it comes to location. Unfortunately, by having it in a city without a convention center, it’s not close to anything. But, there should be shuttles for the downtown hotels. I don’t know anything about them since I’ve managed to get rooms in nearby hotels the years they had to resort to them. I figure even with this set up being about 6 blocks away, it’s better to have the option of walking back to the hotel for a break than being forced to rely on shuttles since I’m not aware of a Louisville being a city with tons of cabs.

  2. Like Matt, I’m ‘reserved’ in the 6 block range too. Your ‘heads up’ was very useful in (my) getting a reservations. Thanks!

    Maybe we could put up a Google map overlay up so people can trace where events are to be held during 2A Blog Bash weekend. Sounds geeky, I know, but it just might work.

    I look forward to meeting everyone!

  3. I know the distance for the Executive West says six blocks, but the hotel is right at the front gate of the fairgrounds. It’s a pretty good walk to the exhibition halls. Shuttles from downtown I don’t know about. If I were staying downtown, I’d make a call and confirm shuttles.

    Parking at the Fairgrounds is $5/day. Food and beverages inside are HIGH. However, I recommend the porkchop sandwiches at the Pork Producers Kiosks.

    If your looking for less exspensive and don’t mind a little driving, look South on I-65

    10 miles south of Fairgrounds on I-65 and Brooks Rd.
    Comfort Inn $70/night (502) 957-6900
    Quality Inn and Suites $70/night (502) 955-6272
    Hampton Inn $99/night (502) 957-5050 not cheaper than others, but may be available after others are booked.
    These hotels did not offer a convention discount.

    Group rates may be available. It would take several to commit to one location.

    These are just the first three that come up. There’s a Holiday Inn Express just opened up there. The “more results” link brings up several more. Be sure to check a map for location. The entire area, including Brooks may be considered Shepherdsville.

    google: hotels Brooks KY

    Not as convenient as staying by the fairgrounds, byt $30/night less expensive buys some inconvenience. Straight shot up the interstate takes 15-30 minutes (rush hours) Shepherdsville proper is about 10 more miles.

    I’m happy to help anyone out if you need some local input. email me at greatbluewhale AT insightbb DOT com.

  4. I just posted this as a question. Who’s staying where? I’d prefer to stay at a hotel where a bunch of us are staying rather than at a Motel 6 twenty miles away, and I need to make reservations.

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