Big weekend

Going down to the other, lesser Indiana school to watch the Boilermakers kick the crap out of those IU pansies tomorrow.  I might take some pictures.  I’m debating which gun to bring, because I can’t actually take it to the game itself, but I don’t want to be unarmed on a long drive or in a strange hotel.   I’ll probably just take the .45 ACP Taurus.


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  1. Since IU is a state owned school, you should go ahead and carry, get yourself arrested, and get those rules thrown out since they blatantly violate the Indiana Constitution, Article 1, Section 32. “The people shall have a right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State.” ( Come on! You know you want to! It’ll be a huge favor to all of us!

    Did you hear about the Purdue student who transfered to IU? Raised the average IQ of both schools by 20 points.

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