Good news for Hoosier Hunters

DNR says that this should be a good season for deer.  Unlike last year, they’re not having issues with parasites wiping out 30% of the deer population.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources says deer should be abundant for the state’s firearms deer season, which begins Saturday.

I have never been deer hunting in Indiana, although every time around this year I think to myself: “Self, I should go deer hunting this year”.  But then my wife points out to me that I’m not doing it for the hunt, but rather for the challenge it presents me as a marksman.  Invariably, I never end up going hunting, for a myriad of reasons – although admittedly this year I can’t use the excuse that “I don’t have a good gun for deer”.

Best of luck to the hunters heading out this weekend – I hope you get your deer!


  1. I end up thinking the same thing… “man, I should go hunting this year.” I always have someone offering to take me, but I never end up going. I suspect it is because I don’t like the idea of sitting 50 feet up a tree in sub-freezing temperatures for hours on end. Or if I make a bad shot, tracking an injured deer for miles and feeling terrible about it. Or field-dressing a deer. Ick. The marksmanship challenge, thrill of the hunt, etc. are all good reasons for me to go. But I always get free deer meat (steaks, jerky, sausage…mmmm) from friends anyway… usually more than I can eat.

  2. I was going to go. . I usually head up to Stark County to hunt. But I got in MUCH too late from travel to go. . and the next few weekends are booked. I enjoy it. . but from a challenge standpoint. I do eat the processed meat, and nothing goes to waste. . but lately I find just as much satisfaction at the range.

    Maybe it’s because it’s heated and I don’t have to get up at 4 am enjoy to enjoy it.

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