1. How’d you manage the switch?

    I tried two years ago, then a year ago; and there was no way to convert off of blogger without horrendous manual intervention. I’ve got 2000 posts, and all the comments that go with them. I’m not willing to lsoe them, and the work to move them was insane.

  2. Getting everything set up and hosted was pretty easy, but transferring my archives and comments was a huge pain in the ass. I actually lost a bunch of comments in the switch over; they’re still at the blogger blog and I have no idea how to get them here.

    On the bright side, I have all my posts.

  3. I like the Compass & Map banner/theme, though it would still be nice to work the phrase “Church of the Duke” into a category or something.

    I would think there would be more tools to rip Blogger and Haloscan comments from the web.

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