Looks like I missed all the fun

Serves me right for not blogging on the weekends; it seems that Robyn from Underfire has quite enough of us pro-gun people correcting all her all the time and is shutting down her comments.

She maintains that its because she has received some “ugly” and hateful comments in there, and you know what? I believe that she has. We can get pretty fired up about stuff, and when add to that the Internet Troll theory (take a normal person, give them anonymity, and an audience and they turn into an idiot), and sometimes it does lead to people saying some pretty foolish things.

That being said, I don’t think that the negative comments were why she shut the comments down. She shut the comments down because she was tired of her blog being used by us to disseminate pro-gun information and facts.

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  1. That’s some funny shit.

    “I’m also a gun control activist who became deeply affected by America’s gun violence problem while caring for President Ronald Reagan after the assassination attempt”

    I’ve met Mrs. Reagan and she’s not all that interested in “gun control”.

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