New Hotness

There’s a line in Men in Black 2 where Will Smith calls Tommy Lee Jones “Old and busted”, while referring to himself as “New hotness”. It is a humorous little exchange in an otherwise bad movie; however it’s also appropriate for today.

Today is the first official post on the new blog, which as you can see has gotten a new name, a new url, and a new look. Big thanks go out to Bitter for providing the bandwidth for me, as well as much needed technical support in getting the theme, and the blag in general set up. Also, thanks to Sebastian for nagging prompting me to finally get off of Blogger and onto something with a little more chutzpah.

You might be wondering why I changed everything, especially since things seemed to be going well on the old blog.  First off, I wanted to personalize this blog a little bit.  In the 9 months that I’ve been writing, it’s moved beyond jokes about What Would John Wayne Do and into actually being my (little) voice on the internet, and I wanted the blog to reflect that maturation.

Also, everyone and their sister on Blogger has that theme I was using.  Seriously, Uncle was right when he said it was the default gunblogger theme.

A little bit of information about the New Place.  The name is a play on the opening line of Moby Dick, which is pretty much my favorite book.  The URL is because some jerk has, so I had to go with my nickname from elsewhere, which is a portmanteau of NRA and Ahab, thusly,

I have all my posts from the original blog successfully transfered, unfortunately I lost a lot of the comments on older posts in the process of making the transfer.  I’ll be slowly updating the blogroll, as I had let it get terribly out of date over at WWJWD.

Anyway, that’s it for that, now back to your regularly scheduled gunblogging.


  1. Do you realize how much work across the blogosphere you just created?

    All seriousness aside, I like your new digs. Enjoy!

  2. For a while in my youth, I used the handle Ishmael, for roughly the same reasons as you have named your blog. Adn then I was disappointed that no-one got it. Oh, well.

  3. {grumble}{grumble}{grumble}

    Gotta change m’damn bookmarks.


    Damn kids.


    (Am I old enough to qualify as a curmudgeon?)

  4. OK, OK, I was skeptical at first, but it’s growing on me.
    I also took the liberty of adding your new abode to my blogs of note on my sidebar.
    Hope you don’t mind.
    P.S. It appears that you are right about the default gunblogger theme.
    Now I feel so…’same’.

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