BRB Area 3


I’m off to shoot a 400 round Area match this weekend! Area 3 has a reputation of being a pretty hardcore hosefest for Limited and Open Guns…so of course I’m bringing an 8-shot revolver! In all seriousness though, the stages look really fun, and having 8 rounds in the gun will make the match a lot more fun than if I was shooting a 625 and scoring major.



Dry fire training with S&W 929 9mm, draws and reloads.

Draw times were (in reverse order) 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75 and no time (warm up). Hit my goal of sub 1.00 second draw with the 929 and the Safariland holster, although I’m getting perilously close to using a “scoop” draw technique. The “scoop” draw is really fast, but runs the risk of dumping the gun on the ground resulting in a trip to DQ. Since Friday is the night before the match, I won’t set a training goal for that, just some general draws and reloads. Next training goal will be for Monday, try to get a 0.90. I’ll have to use a video camera to verify my times since my ability to tell when I’ve beat the timer or not starts to degrade sharply under 1.00 second.

Reload pars were 3.50, 3.00, 2.50, 2.25. I could get under 2.25 about 75% of the time, but the other 25 was rough – big bobbles and problem. I then spent some time chasing a sub 2.00 second load, which I never hit. I got close a couple of times, but at that speed, trying to load the gun in the hurry means there is a lot going on and I’m very out of practice with a wheelgun. I want to try and get that sub-2.25 down pat (8 loads) before I go any further trying to shrink my time. Once I can clean that, I’ll go for smaller increases, like .10 seconds as opposed to jumping all the way to a sub 2.00.

Had to move today’s live fire session to Thursday, too much “real job” to do.

Revolvers: they’re fun!

We almost forgot about #pumpday

In all the excitement today, we almost forgot it’s PumpDay! So send those submissions in for next week to to be featured!


Today we have one quick submission, it’s the Troy Pump Action Rifle! Designed for those pesky states that hate freedom, the Troy PAR is..well…it’s a Pump-Action AR15. And that’s pretty dope.

Everytown for Gun Safety accidentally makes pro-gun advertisement

Watch this youtube video from EveryMom Demands Hot Action:

Seriously, that’s their commercial? The only difference between that and a commercial for self-defense is “if the mom had a gun.” Seriously, I’ve seen commercials by gun companies that looked exactly like that, except instead of cowering in fear, the mom pulls out a gun and smokes that fool.



Dry fire training with S&W 929 9mm, draws and reloads.

Draws pars: 2.00, 1.75, 1.50, 1.25. Beat 1.25 goal 4/5 tries. Set next goal for 1.00, star time at 1.75. All the draws were done with a trigger press at the end as well.
Reload pars: 4.00, 3.50, 3.00, 2.50. 3 seconds was about my balance point before I started getting fumbly, I can beat 2.5 but not 100% of the time. I did all the reloads with a shot at the end, so it was a reload and a clean trigger press.

Working with a new gun is difficult, but kind of fun. I really like moonclip guns, and the 929 is pretty well set up from the factory. Now that the action’s been tuned up a wee bit, I’m even more excited to shoot it. Next live fire session is Wed, I’m going to put these pars on the live fire clock and see what the difference is.