Improving the J frame – Wilson Combat Custom Tune Spring Kit

The J frame's internals are actually pretty simple to work on if you have a little bit of knowledge, the right tools, and some patience.

Handguns are, by a wide margin, the most difficult firearms to shoot accurately due in part to their relatively small size and the inability to stabilize them against larger structures of the body. They become more difficult to shoot as they…



It’s bad when anti-gunners demonize gun owners for the actions of a small, violent, criminal minority of people.

But it’s totally okay to demonize 2.4 million American Muslims for the actions of a small, violent criminal minority of Muslims.

An inside look at a Taurus revolver

Taurus 82 guts

Smith & Wesson revolvers are elegant representations of early 20th century machining. Ruger revolvers are simple and rugged, reducing the revolver to as few components as possible. Taurus revolvers are…neither. In fact, the inside of a Taurus revolver is a confusing mess of design choices that look like a Brazilian simply turned up at the factory on a Wednesday and said “Here…here is good” and then went for a siesta or whatever they do down there.



How come whenever an anti-gun person asks us to “compromise” or “meet in the middle” what they actual mean is “just give up some more of your rights?” I’ll be honest, if someone wrote a well-researched universal background check bill (instead of the crap they’re trying to push) I’d support it, on the condition that bill also provide for nationwide concealed carry reciprocity (Shaneen Allen’s Law) and the removal of SBR, SBS, and suppressors from the NFA list. That would be an actual compromise.

Which is why it will never, ever happen.

Ruger SP101 Wiley Clapp and Wilson Combat Spring Kit

SP101 and wilson spring kit

The Ruger SP101 is one of my favorite small frame revolvers, right up there with the all steel J-Frames I love. If you have a Ruger revolver, you owe it to yourself to get a Wilson Combat Spring Kit from Brownells for it. I have WC kits in all of my GP100s and my Security Sixes. They just make the guns better.

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Photo of the day: Earl Harbinger gets an upgrade


Fans of Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International series will know that the best character in the books, Earl Harbinger carries a Smith & Wesson 625 revolver as his go-to sidearm, usually accompanied by a Thompson SMG as his primary. I don’t know if Earl has Crimson Trace lasers on his 625…but he should.

Fun with the Umarex NXG-APX

Our friends at Umarex sent us a care package the other day, their new NXG-APX. It’s a pump-action air rifle that shoots pellets or BBs, and it harkens me back to my old Crossman Pumpmaster that I had when I was a child. Except now it’s all polymer and awesome looking, and made by the German wizards in Arnsberg. Nothing kills office productivity faster than a care package that you can safely shoot indoors.


First we shot some change. George got it the worst, with a perfect, dead center hit. Lincoln just can’t catch a break, getting shot in the back of the head…again.