Run it ’till the wheels come off

Here’s a video of me shooting the IDPA classifier with a raw time of 50 seconds. The purpose of doing this was to shoot it so fast that I was basically out of control; I dropped a spectacular amount of points and finished terribly. But, the value in this is that I learned a max speed. After this run, I shot it again and pulled the speed back just a little bit – my raw time increased to about 65-70 seconds, but my points down dropped dramatically. Sometimes, you have to go out of control to realize how fast you’re capable of shooting.

Photo of the day: New Gun Nuts Carry Gun, the Morph 3X

morph 3x

Check out my new carry gun for the remainder of the year, the Morph 3X. The 3X uses advanced polymer construction to keep the weight low, and has a true DAO trigger mechanism. Chambered in 4.5mm, it fires a hardened steel ball at velocities sufficient to penetrate corrugated fiberboard armor. It’s been paired with the excellent Redfield Counterstrike combat optic, which because the Morph lacks a reciprocating slide will allow for rapid target acquisition. I’ve already ordered an RCS Phantom for this new rig, and I can’t wait to try it out in USPSA Open!