The FAST Drill: Beretta 92

I recently completed one of the toughest shooting challenges out there: winning a FAST Coin. To win a FAST Coin you have to shoot the FAST Test twice under 5.00 seconds in a class hosted by Ernest Langdon. There’s a long history with me and the FAST, so to get it finally accomplished feels amazing. In the video above is one of my practice sessions where I worked on the drill itself. I was using the gun I’d conquer the test with, a Beretta 92FS out of a Safariland SLS holster.


  1. That video had to be faked. Everyone knows the Beretta 92 is a worthless piece of dreck that was forced on the U.S. military by politicians who got paid off. Everyone also knows it’s an obsolete example of an obsolete DA/SA action platform, which makes it even obsoleter. Everyone also knows that the only pistol worth having is a 1911 (or a Glock, depending on which “everyone” you’re talking to). Therefore, this video can’t be true. QED.

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