Chamber empty carry is dangerous

Can someone please explain why anyone would advocate for chamber empty carry? And don’t say “because the Israelis do it,” the reasons they do it are historical and deeply ingrained in their training dogma now, plus their Tier One units carry with a round in the chamber.

The video is 20 minutes of me explaining all the fun reasons why chamber empty carry is stupid, but what it really comes down to for me is that if you’re not comfortable carrying your gun THE WAY IT WAS DESIGNED TO BE CARRIED then you shouldn’t be carrying a gun at all. You’re not ready. Spend some time carrying a completely unloaded gun around the house or something until you feel comfortable, but if you leave the house with a gun that isn’t properly loaded by having one in the chamber, you’re just an idiot.


    1. No, I’m not in a military primarily composed of moderately trained conscripts.

      I’m also light years better at shooting than the average member of the IDF.

  1. The best analogy I’ve seen is that carrying with an empty chamber is like expecting to be able to put on your seatbelt before your car crashes

  2. Yeah it’s better to leave it in the car, at home or at the store if you don’t agree with this guy. Or better yet, just go liberal. If you want to chamber carry advocate for banning guns all the way. This is sort of how the left eats its’ own, and something I wish we’d quit doing.

    1. Honestly, if you’re not comfortable carrying your gun with a round in the chamber, I’d prefer you didn’t carry one at all.

      1. The empty-chamber carriers always say, “It only takes a fraction of a second to rack the slide,” and it does, at the range. But when you need a gun, you may be using your off hand to fend off an attacker or push another person out of harm’s way, and the gun itself may be violently moving sideways, backwards, up or down, which can induce a failure to feed. Or you may not be able to get your off hand to the gun, or the gun to your off hand. All the one-handed racking techniques I’ve seen (and taught) are chancy and time-consuming and are not meant to be used at the beginning of a fight (because they’re worthless then).
        I agree with you about a person’s readiness to carry a pistol if they won’t carry with a loaded chamber. If they want to carry a gun but don’t want a round under the hammer, they should carry a revolver.

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