Review: Laserlyte Plinking Cans & Compact Training Pistol

20140305-105351.jpgIsn’t dry fire training a great option for winters like these, when the range is an iced over highway away, and ammo is still so hard to find anyway? Too many people don’t value the usefulness of dry firing. I imagine this is due to most people’s understand of the definition of “dry firing,” the inability of the shooter to judge if they are practicing correctly, or the spreading of the syndrome I have recently termed, “Dry Fire Training Boredom.” To combat all three of these issues, and probably a few others, Laserlyte now offers a new training target option, Plinking Cans.

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Senoia GA Police Change Caliber

Senoia ga police home of The Walking Dead change caliberLast week it was announced that Senoia GA, the city that is home to the production of The Walking Dead, is giving up the .40 S&W for 9mm. The Senoia Police Department has made a deal with Glock, in which trade-ins will be bought back for $300 and 16 new 9mm pistols will also be purchased. What could possibly make these cops opt for less stopping power, especially since new guns were not in their budget for this year?

The main reason the Senoia Police Chief Jason Edens told the Times-Herold for the change, was availability. Senoia as well as other citys’ departments are being forced to wait over six months for their orders of training and duty ammo. Edens also mentioned that the price tag on 9mm rounds was considerably less than on the .40. But the switch isn’t only about the rounds. Glock’s Gen 4 has some appeal as well. Chief Edens mentioned the higher round count of the Glock 17, as well as the interchangable backstraps which added to their interest in making the change.

What I found most interesting about this announcment was the Chief’s statement, “we want to build a firearms program that concentrates on precision and accuracy with the shots, as opposed to just having a big chunk of lead.” I realize that there are shooters who are highly proficient with their .40 S&W pistols, and I mean them no disrespect. However, no matter how many long-time shooters I’ve met who are die-hard .40 carriers, none have ever convinced me that two or three accurate shots with a 9mm were better than one well placed .40 cal round, and a questionable follow up shot. Like it or not I believe, the times they are a’changing… The Senoia police are making a big statement with this change in caliber, even if their only intention was to get their officers a few new guns.

Shopping for AR Parts

20130519-194626.jpgWhen I told my friend, back in December, that I was ordering my AR receivers, he laughed and said, “Good luck finding a lower parts kit!” Another friend, who had started his first build six months earlier said, “Ha! You picked a heck of a time to start!” For all intents and purposes, both of them were right. Since the beginning of this year, inventory of guns and gun parts has been exceptionably low. You can’t visit a single web-gun-store without seeing multiple “out of stock” labels. This is especially true of .223/5.56/AR-15… everything.

Therefore my friends’ concern for my project made sense, but as it turns out, they were wrong. My lower parts kit, ordered in January, came in before my receivers, though I wouldn’t call early April, speedy delivery. Everything else has required a hunt, but as a first time builder, I believe this was the best possible scenario. Before you call me crazy, read on.

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What does this shortage mean to you?

shortage affectsA day or two after the Connecticut shooting, when I was still working at the gun range, the conversations swirled about how such an event would affect the gun-loving community. We had already seen sales of firearms increasing, but it was Christmas time, so that was kind of normal. People were worried about what laws the Obama administration would try to enact. Would they make all of our current activities completely illegal? Were they going to ban new semi-automatics? Would they tax ammunition? Nobody had any idea what laws might be recommended, but everyone was in a frenzy, because we were under attack!

Pretty soon it was common to see a store that were completely out of a certain caliber. People began accepting lower quality reloads for their range sessions. More random brands were appearing in gun stores and selling for the price we had paid for new brass, only a few months earlier. Many paid these prices with no information about what components has gone into these rounds or what affect they might have on our firearms.

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