Living with appendix carry

I received an interesting comment the other day on my “Five tips for smart concealed carry” video. The commenter said “I’d like to see you drive a car with that rig” which I thought was odd, because I’ve done 8 hour road trips with that rig. But because I understand that this is the internet, and you must show people, I decided to do a fun little video about living with AIWB.

So I drove my car to get coffee and donuts.

But that got me thinking about really “living” with AIWB carry and how hard or easy it is. I mentioned in the video that I ditched AIWB for a while, but as of October of last year I’ve gone back to it full time, and there’s no looking back. The big thing that changed? I finally found the right holster, belt, and gun combination to work for me. When I switched to the CCC Shaggy with a 1911, I finally found a gun that I could conceal under a t-shirt at the appendix position in a holster that I could wear all day and everything would be hunky dory. It changed my entire view on AIWB and is a big part of why I’ll never switch off this mode of carry.

That being said there are certainly drawbacks. AIWB works better if you’re fit, and I still have to remember to put my shoes on before I put my gun on in the morning. Sure, I CAN do a straight bend and touch my toes wearing this holster, but it’s less than comfortable. I also don’t think I’d be comfortable carrying anything other than a DA/SA or a gun with manual safeties at this position. I know loads of people carry Glocks and safety-less M&Ps at the AIWB position, but it’s not just quite for me. I’ll stick to 1911s and DA/SA guns for now.

What do you think? Does AIWB make you uncomfortable? Or are you down with it as a primary mode of carry?


  1. Caleb you’re better than me AIWB doesn’t work for me. You got your AF LEOSA ID yet?

      1. Just checked the AFMAN 31-125 again: Meet all Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) requirements identified in DoDI 5525.15. Security Forces 3P031 must obtain a 5-skill level; 31P must obtain the rank of First Lieutenant; DAF Officers must have received qualification training.

        5 level should be gtg with a 1 year probationary periods followed with CC rec letter

  2. Total agreement on all points. I’ve always carried concealed in this way. Fastest most comfortable draw standing or seated. But yes, you need a slim waist and a single stack DA/SA decocker is safest and the most comfortable and concealable. Even so, I have managed a full size double stack DA/SA when I can wear a jacket. As for Glock style guns, the only way I’d ever carry one is with an empty chamber.

  3. Odd comment from the guy about driving.

    I switched to AIWB specifically because I needed to move cross-country and AIWB is much more comfortable driving than the 3:30 IWB that I had been doing.

    Agreed on the DA/SA (when it’s sweatshirt weather it’s a SIG SP2022) though I’m currently doing a Walther PPS in a CCC Shaggy. It has an indicator on the back of the slide that can be blocked with the thumb to prevent the trigger from moving, without this feature I would probably not feel super comfortable carrying the gun.

  4. What brand is the belt you’re wearing. I thought you said TacStrike, but I can’t find any belts made by them.

  5. Given my level of practice, that carry mode would most likely to be reserved for a J-frame, DA pistol or TLG “gadget” -equipped pistol. This is a recognition of my limitations, not AIWB itself.

  6. Appendix is more comfortable than behind the hip in a car because it doesn’t jab you in the nerves in your back. Behind the hip presses into your back and appendix presses into your abdomen. I carry a 19 and spare mag up front everyday.

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