Next test 1911: Sig Sauer 1911 Fastback Nightmare .357 Sig

This is one I’ve been looking forward to testing for a while, the Sig Sauer 1911 Fastback Nightmare in .357 Sig. Let’s get started with the first evaluation, the 10-8 Performance Function Test

Passed with flying colors, it would seem. In fact, of all the 1911s I’ve had through the test so far (this is the 7th that’s begun the tests) it has the most reliable and consistent ejection pattern yet. Maybe there’s something to be said for that external extractor…

As we get started, let’s do a quick review of the scoring system. All guns start with a perfect score of 100, and lose points based on issues encountered during testing. Here are the things that can cause a gun to lose points:

– Parts breakage before 2,000 rounds: -50
– Failing the 10-8 Performance Function Test: -10
– Mechanical issues that can be corrected at the armorer level: -5 points
– Any failure to complete the cycle of operations (FTF, FTE, etc): -1 point

So far the Sig passed the 10-8 Test and hasn’t had any failures to complete the cycle of operations, which is good. I took it through some accuracy testing as well, and it did very well:

However, at the end of the accuracy testing, I noticed a slight problem.

Sig 1911 rear sight drift

Hmm…that’s odd, I don’t think the rear sight should be all to one side of the dovetail like that…I wonder if…

Sig 1911 rear sight out

Oh yeah, I can totally take it right out of the dovetail. Awesome. The dovetail screw had backed out during routine use, causing the rear sight to slip and slide all over the place. It’s a simple fix that requires nothing more than an allen wrench and some loctite, but it’s still something that never should have made it past the QC at the factory. As such, it’s -5 points for the otherwise perfect gun.

Right now the Sig 1911 is at 497 rounds fired with zero failures of any type, and one armorer level issue to be corrected. That gives it a running score of 95 points. It’s also stupid accurate, because when the sights aren’t drifting all over the place it turns in groups like this:

Sig 1911 .357 WInchester FMJ group

Testing continues today!


  1. Had the same rear sight issue with my Nightmare Carry, other than that, love it.

  2. Can we expect your thoughts on the .357 Sig, and what you think of it in a 1911?

  3. Keep up the great work with the 1911 reviews and testing. Just please no more oddball .357 sig nonsense. I know it was just released today, but I hope you soon get your hands on the Ruger SR1911 LW CMD in 9mm. I have a full size in .45 and absolutely love it. Outstanding production 1911 for $700’ish.

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