1. Well considering when a person carries IWB appendix-the gun is pointing at a lot more than your hand

    1. People keep saying that, but I’m carrying AIWB right now and the gun’s not pointing anything more damaging than it would be if I was carrying classic IWB.

      If the gun just went off in the holster, muzzle blast would certainly be exciting, but I’d not die and I’d still be able to reproduce.

  2. Well if the gun does go off it will let her test her emergency first aid knowledge. If she hits an artery it becomes a pass/fail test

  3. If someone does shoot themselves while using this product, the lawyer is going to have a field day.
    “…and my client merely used the product as demonstrated in company marketing material I have marked as Exhibit A.”

  4. I want one, but just to carry a knife in the extra-magazine pocket. I can’t imagine re-holstering with one of those. I believe TTAG had a review of the DeSantis Thigh Hide and it seems like a better option.

    Much like AIWB carry, there’s probably a correct way to re-holster, but that picture isn’t it.

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