That’s the number of rounds I’ve shot through 1911 pattern pistols according to my logs since 2009. That averages out to 640 rounds per month over 52 months, or 7,682 rounds per year. Obviously some years have been heavier than that in 1911s and some have been lighter.

I’m sort of surprised by that number. I would have thought it would be larger, and it technically is, because I know there are rounds I haven’t logged from media events and things like that. All the rounds I have logged are from guns that were actually in my possession, so borrowed guns or rentals or getting a gun at a media event don’t count.

On the other hand, I’m sort of surprised how large it is, because it means that since 2009, 1911s have represented slightly more than 20% of the total rounds I’ve fired each year. The only other category that accounts for more lead on target is revolvers, because duh. Of course, if I stick with this 1911 business, they’ll take up a much larger percentage of that count, because just in this year alone I’ve shot 6,000+ rounds through 1911s.

Until this year, 2013 was my most 1911 heavy year, due in a large part to the Colt test taking up 10,000 rounds on one gun and another 5,000 on other Colts. This year I’m back in the freelance game and have some generous ammo supporters, so I expect I should be able to crush that number pretty handily.

Numbers are fun!