Everyone calm down about the cell phone gun

cell phone gun

Been on the internet lately? You’ve probably seen the news reports about the company in Minnesota that has designed a gun to look like a cell phone. I’ve seen it posted across facebook with all kinds of different headings, from “Cops be on the alert” to “wouldn’t this be cool for CCW” and everything in between. It’s all incredibly hysterical, and everyone should calm down.

First off, this gun is likely going to be vaporware anyway. The company doesn’t even have a working prototype, and won’t until June at least, if ever. Yes, they say they want to get units produced by November, but there’s this pesky little issue which I think is going to upset their little apple cart. It’s called The National Firearms Act, and if the ATF is consistent with their rulings, there is exactly zero doubt in my mind that this piece of crap will end up being ruled to be an Any Other Weapon (AOW). When the ATF does rule that it’s an AOW, the act of purchasing it will then become far too time consuming for its target market, which consists primarily of idiots and people who thought the Taurus Curve was a good idea.

Long story short, everyone calm the hell down. I will go right now and say that if this gun is ever produced, and units actually do ship, I will film a youtube video of me shooting my favorite watch with a 12 gauge shotgun.


  1. “I will go right now and say that if this gun is ever produced, and units actually do ship, I will film a youtube video of me shooting my favorite watch with a 12 gauge shotgun.”

    Toxx Clause in effect

  2. I thought that the disguised weapons NFA category was for guns that could be fired while disguised, but was OK with Transformer guns that can’t be fired until they look like a gun? I’m nowhere near an expert, Google tells me that a Braverman pen gun isn’t NFA based on this logic.

  3. If ATF is consistent with prior rulings, this wouldn’t be an AOW. Generally, AOWs have to be able to fire in the concealed condition. Since this looks like it can only fire when unfolded, it would likely not be considered a “firearm” for the purposes of the National Firearms Act.

      1. Oh, I know Josh is right, I’d forgotten about that little detail.

        I still think this gun is vaporware.

  4. But, but , but the Anti Gun people said there would be blood in the streets and dead kittens hanging from tree because this will turn people in to monsters shooting down space shuttles …. I would go as far to add to your bet, if it does happen and you have to shoot your favorite watch, I would send you a bottle of my favorite bourbon. Pretty sure we are both safe..

  5. Hey come on… How are the police supposed to prevent people from recording them with cell phones?

    “Your cell phone might be a gun!” The last one that shot 22’s when you pushed buttons on the keypad looks like it’s from the 80’s, we have to have new stuff like this to justify the suppression or elimination of recording our activities in public.

  6. I have a high school buddy who is impressed with some Youtube idiot who made a working gun from plumbing parts. Thinks it demonstrates that regulations and background checks are pointless because someone can make a gun from anything. He’ll love this.

    I also have a brother who is police officer, with a wife and four children. It’s stuff like this that scares him when he is working. If someone manages to get their hands on one of these, or this gives that Youtube idiot an idea…

  7. What’s wrong with a small handgun that you can fold and carry more comfortably? Sounds like a good concept.

    1. if i need to use my gun to save my life,i dont want to have unfold it and have only two shots.this is not a good concept.

      1. Very true Tom. In fact, I’d feel more confident carrying a .25ACP pistol than something like this in .45ACP!

  8. Need three of these for a modified FASTtest? From concealment – in folded state. NY reloads in lieu of reload from slidelock. ?

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