What the hell is a Patreon and why do we have one?

You might have noticed some…uh…downtime recently here on Gun Nuts. As it turns out, we had some pretty severe server-side issues that took longer to work out than expected, although if you’re reading this they’ve since been solved. Which is awesome, and I’m glad for it. Now that we’re back up and running, I wanted to take a second and talk about something you might have noticed if you subscribe to our Youtube channel (which you totally should because it’s rad); because in the description for every video lately I’ve included a bump for people to donate to us on Patreon.

Now you’re probably thinking, “oh boy, here comes Caleb asking for money again, didn’t he already try this with that GoFundMe or whatever?” You’re right, I did try a GoFundMe, and it didn’t work the way I’d hoped; in fact I’ve contacted everyone who donated to the GoFundMe and asked if they want a refund. But that’s not the point, because the idea behind the Patreon is it allows viewers and readers to contribute however much they want, be it as small as a dollar, to support our content on a monthly basis. It’s much better than other types of crowdfunding because instead of just asking for a huge amount of money, all it asks for is small donations. If you think our content is worth a buck a month, awesome, donate that. If you don’t think it’s worth anything, don’t donate. There’s no pressure.

So here’s our Patreon. The proceeds go directly to supporting things like paying writers, hosting fees, etc. Now that we’ve moved Gun Nuts to a new server, I want to make sure I’m committing resources directly to maintaining the stability and growth of the site. Do you like our 1911 reviews? I like writing them and creating them, and would like to do more, so if you like them consider donating. The long term goal here is still to break the advertising model and focus the site entirely on creating awesome content around the firearms space. I don’t like writing “hey check out this thing on Amazon” posts any more than you like reading them, but for now they’re an awful necessity of doing this as a business. So if you want less (or none) of that, toss a buck at us. I can say for a natural fact that if everyone who reads this post kicked in two bucks, I’d never have to run another ad again, and that would be pretty damn cool.

If you want to, donate please. If you don’t, that’s cool too. We’ll keep doing Gun Nuts no matter what.


  1. I don’t usually pay for free websites and I run adblockers… However… In this instance, I’ll likely donate because compared to the clowns at TTAG, TFB, ENDO, and others… I actually get something from this site.

      1. Ha, I don’t know how you in particular get past the anti-training mindset there.

  2. I for one am very glad you are doing this, and I will definitely donate. I have been a reader for a couple of years, though I very rarely comment. I am thrilled you are doing this instead of blanketing your site with ads for “You won’t believe which 57 celebrities bleached their assholes!” Please take donations, and keep your site classy, unlike a certain other site that rhymes with, “The Pruth About Duns”.

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