Dan Wesson Valkyrie Commander 10-8 Performance Test

While the Rock Island 1911 test is still underway (200 rounds left) I wanted to take a break from it and run the Dan Wesson Valkyrie Commander 1911 through the 10-8 Performance Function Test. The Valkyrie Commander is new for 2016 in the Dan Wesson lineup, and is a followup to their awesome looking Valkyrie, which is a CCO-inspired carry pistol.

At a price tag of around $2,000 MSRP, the Valkyrie Commander represents the most expensive 1911 I’ve personally started testing to date. Fit and finish are excellent and live up to the price tag, but the real question is how well it runs. I’ve only put 250 rounds through it so far, but I can say it ate those rounds with no problem, and also passed the 10-8 Performance test with flying colors. It’s now the second pistol that I’ve tested to pass the test, and the third that the site has tested (counting Tim’s Wilson Combat).

My initial impressions are positive, and I have to say that after months of carrying full size, all steel 1911s, sliding an aluminum Commander into my holster brings a welcome bit of comfort. It’s lighter, smaller, and extremely easy to carry. I plan on doing the full 2,000 round test of the Dan Wesson, just like we’ve done every other 1911 that’s come through. As I mentioned, it’s by far the most expensive 1911 that I’ve personally testing, and I’m optimistic that it will live up to that price tag.

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  1. Text doesn’t say 9mm, video does. I had just assumed 45acp. All things considered with 9mm 1911s, I think that’s relevant to the text.

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