Point and laugh

Welcome to The Book of Eli School of Knife Fighting, where casually waving your knife around in pretty butterfly patterns in considered training.

Look, I don’t know much about knife fighting, other than it’s a pretty awful proposition. I do have some formal knife work under my belt, mostly with folders; but I know a couple of things. One, don’t stare at your own knife, and two, don’t wave it around like an asshole.

Although what really makes this video a fine piece of madness is the quiet, off-key whistling from our main character. It’s like he’s adding cool movie sound effects to the knife’s movement as he stares transfixed at his own toy. This is what happens when 8-year olds never grow up.


  1. Did you go to his You Tube page and check out comments and his other video’s? There are some who think quite highly of him. Just saying. My total knowledge of knife fighting is I know I don’t want to be in one.

        1. You can’t get good at sighted fire by practicing point shooting but you can get good at point shooting by practicing sighted fire. There’s no point to practicing point shooting.

          1. Yeah, can’t agree with that more. Just cause you don’t use the sights doesn’t mean it’s unaimed fire.

  2. Everything I know about knife fighting is to bring a gun. As to our protagonist, perhaps his method is to stab you in the back of the neck as you are doubled over in laughter?

  3. Made it to about 2:30 mark. Hard for me to watch. I would think he needs a bit more footwork and perhaps a thrust now and then. The thumb and forefinger only grip, employed to wave the knife, does not look combat oriented to me. I almost expected him to hold the blade sideways along his midline to block center mass shots.

  4. I looked this guy up….Spec-Ops as far back as Korea! When he retired became a world class SUSHI CHEF!! Teachs knife fighting PT!!!
    I’m inviting him over for Thanksgiving next year!!!!

  5. Who needs Chuck Norris and Total Gym with this as my new workout? You can see the calories melt away.

  6. So sad. Not flashy enough to be old Kung-fu movie impressive, but too flashy to be realistically useful.

  7. I’ll bet he’s a real hit at a rave – he can trade his Bowie for a flaming baton or two.

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