When Reality Hits Back

Irony – a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.

The day after I wrote my last post, Student or Dry Fire Hero, I went to the range with nothing but my two carry guns and requisite concealment holsters. Since discovering competition in August 2014 I have been directing all of my practice towards that, so I felt I was past due getting in some reps and drills with my carry gear.  I wasn’t really expecting much and when I was finished I had realized even less.

qualification target - you suck

I set out with the goal of shooting Bill Wilson’s 5×5 drill. I had never shot it before and wanted to run it with my S&W Shield from 4 o’clock IWB and my new to me CZ PCR also from 4 o’clock, but OWB. I ran it twice with each gun, alternating Shield – PCR – Shield – PCR. The second time I shot both guns was obviously better, but still shockingly slow. In the end I got mid 28 second times with both guns. I had good hits, but my draws could have been timed with a sun dial.

For reasons unknown, I found this shocking. After all, I can rip 0.8 second dry fire draws and realize 0.9 second live fire draws at 5 yards using my USPSA rig.

Prepare yourself readers, here comes a DUH moment.

I had discovered how glaringly different drawing from concealment is compared to my competition rig. I had issues with my cover garment getting caught in my hand and I couldn’t get a decent grip at any sort of speed. My concealment draws were beginner slow. In a word: pathetic!

The overall experience was as eye opening as it was humbling. Clearly I need to take my own advice and practice with my concealed carry rig. The take-away is simple; everyone needs practice with their carry gear, lest they get killed in the streets.

As I generally don’t have the time to compete during the holidays I have set the goal to improve my concealed (real concealment, not a fishing vest) draw between now and January. I am using my mistake as a stepping stone to improve my CCW fundamentals.

How about you? When did you last draw from your concealment holster?

Now, someone please pass the salt; I’ve got to eat my shoe.


  1. Monday night. Felt lousy all day, sore throat/sinuses, so I skipped the weekly bullseye match at the club. No need to spread germs. I headed down the basement. I put a piece of tape over the speaker on my shot timer, to soften the noise, so I wouldn’t drive my wife crazy. Set a par time, did some draws. I had to set the timer down and do some slow motion reps to work out some kinks. Put on a jacket, change hand positions, body positions, retreat, advance, kneel, from the ground, throw in mag changes, malfunctions. It pays dividends when you do get to the range.

  2. I just want to know what you thought about the CZ PCR and the S&W Shield? Given a choice between the two, I’ll take the PCR any day of the week; it’s no contest in my opinion. Feels better, shoots nicer and I cannot stand the extended mag piece on the Shield. Take down for cleaning on the PCR is a breeze as well.

    1. The PCR is clearly the better gun, but it is also bigger. My Shield has had the trigger smoothed and has a Ameriglo front sight. I recently ordered a custom Dawson Precision rear sight, and will write and article about it once it arrives in 4 weeks. My PCR is stock other than VZ grips and blacked out rear sight dots. I have plans for it once I get more rounds through it. I also own a P-07, which is another incredible gun.

      I agree 100% about the sleeve and am working on modifying mine. I have some articles for both guns planned, stay tuned.

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