How to install a spring kit in a Smith & Wesson revolver with Jerry Miculek

Let’s face it, revolver fans. We’ve all spent time on youtube looking for videos on how to install this part or that part in our gun, and a lot of time we end up settling for some dimly lit, out of focus garbage video with some dude’s gross toenails. Fret no more, because Jerry Miculek, the definitive expert on S&W revolvers has produced a simple, easy to follow video on doing exactly that. Without gross toes!


  1. A pen! So simple. Dang it anyway. I did it the hard way with a lot of cussing and small screwdriver prying that spring then ordered the special tool from Brownells. I always learn something when I watch Jerry.

  2. Even the tool can lead to a tirade. When the cursed little spring flies off into the darkest corner of the workshop and you find it a month later, there will be two episodes of profanity! Trust me on this……

  3. I used this video when I installed the Brownells Spring Kit (basically the same thing but with more rebound spring options), it was really easy.

  4. Yeah, and it kind of spoils a YouToob disassembly video when you see some yahoo prying on his sideplate. (seen it. )

  5. I learned most of this by reading Skeeter Skelton years ago. He didn’t use the ball point pen trick, though. Skeeter was a coil spring clipper. I don’t think that aftermarket springs were easily available then. I tap on the frame when re-installing the side plate so it eases in gently. I sure don’t want a home-gunsmithing-ding on my S & W.

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