First look: Kahr TP9 Gen2 9mm

Kahr TP9 Gen2

Here’s another one from NRA Annual Meetings that I’m genuinely interested in. Proving that the “red dot equipped pistol” is so hot right now, Kahr has jumped into the game with their lineup of Gen2 pistols.

Kahr Gen2 product card

Kahr TP9 Gen2 slide

The new Gen2 pistols from Kahr include the TP9 (pictured) and the TP45, it’s highly likely that other models will follow as well. They’re available not only with the standard barrel, but also with some pretty wild ported options, which can you see on the Kahr page. Look, I’m not going to lie to you here: I want one of these. There is something about it that just nails all my “this gun is stupid but I don’t care WANT” buttons, and the fact that they come from the factory with the DeltaPoint just makes it that much cooler. So yeah. I want this gun, and I don’t care.

It does point to the continuing trend of offering guns from the factory that are ready to accept electronic sights. As of this writing, Glock, Smith & Wesson, and Kahr all offer factory guns set up to immediately accept a red dot, and there are rumors of more companies joining the fold. It’s a good time to be a shooter!


  1. I liked it. For what use I don’t know…. Maybe nightstand duty with a CT light. But the Gen II trigger is much better than the older guns. Shorter and quicker reset.

  2. This probably qualifies as a dumb question but here goes: How one get s good grip on the slide (without grabbing the optic or putting there hand near the muzzle)?

    1. I’m not experienced in using one, but I picked up this gun at NRA. It was very awkward to figure out where to grab it, but that’s probably only because I had never done it before. I just sort of hooked the meaty part of my hand on the optic, like you see people do with an AK or HK charging handle.

    2. That is what the front slide serations are for. There is room to grip the slide without placing your hand in front of the muzzle, either over the top or underneath.

  3. I got to pick one of these up at the NRA show. I really liked the new trigger. I was also surprised to find out that the Delta Point had a triangle reticle, though in hindsight, it makes perfect sense, being called a “Delta” Point, and all.

    I asked Justin Moon if the trigger might eventually find it’s way onto any of their other guns, particularly the “C” line, and it was a pretty abrupt (but polite) “No…no.”

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