Practical Small Knife Skills with Chris Fry

How many of you out there in reader-land have a knife on you right now? Carrying a knife every day as a normal part of life has been pretty common behavior for a significant chunk of human history. Think about it: Your grandfather’s grandfather probably had a small knife on him most of the time…and so did his grandfather. They are incredibly useful tools that always seem to be in demand. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a situation and heard someone say “Anyone have a knife?”

Most of you probably aren’t carrying a Case pocketknife like my grandfather, though. You’re likely carrying some sort of “tactical” folder. It’s probably a tool for mundane chores most of the time but I’m willing to bet you figure it could be employed as a defensive implement in a pinch…but have you ever actually tried to draw that knife and deploy it in a hurry with somebody pressuring you?

I’ve done a number of classes in firearms but, like most of you, I’ve had next to zero training on the defensive deployment of an edged weapon. That being said, I do have enough sense to know that there’s a ton of goofy stuff out there labeled as knife training. For starters, I have yet to see or hear of a knife deployment on the street that looked anything like, well, this:


So where does one go to get instruction that isn’t goofy Hollywood-dojo crap?

Chris Fry would be a good start. You may remember Chris’s name as one of the forces behind the RCS Pocket Shield I reviewed last year. At the Tactical Conference this year Chris taught an exceptionally useful block of instruction on small knives. As with the other blocks of instruction I’ve covered, this was a distillation of Chris’ program into a bite-sized chunk of learning where people could walk away with some very useful information about small knives and how to use them. It wasn’t going to make any of us experts with a small edged weapon, but you’d be amazed how much folks learned just by having access to some trainers and Chris’ common sense approach.

Chris Fry demonstrates achieving maximum range with a small knife to keep bad guys at bay.
Chris Fry demonstrates achieving maximum range with a small knife to keep bad guys at bay.

The first great big plus of training with Chris is that he rolls in with a number of trainers for popular knife styles that students get to play with. One of the first lessons you learn is that any folding knife that carries tip-down is a pain in the neck to actually deploy one handed. (And given that one hand will be busy trying to keep some violent brute off of you, plan on needing to get the knife in play using only one hand) Chris had some tip-down trainers as well as tip-up trainers and experience using both while I was wrestling around with John Murphy (my partner in Chris’ class) convinced me that I would never carry a tip-down knife again. I also discovered that I greatly preferred having a knife that opens with an ambidextrous stud as opposed to the hole that Spyderco tends to use on their knives. The stud is just easier to reliably index and open when I’m using one hand to hold off an angry-looking Marine.

Chris talked a good bit about how the knife is carried for access, pointing out that the traditional practice of carrying it in the back pocket is far from ideal as it makes drawing with either hand difficult (if not impossible) and tends to make the strong arm vulnerable during the draw attempt. Odds are when you reach back to get a knife carried on the strong side you do so with your elbow pointing out, making a nice hole that someone with even a little bit of skill can use to get a better position on you at best and perhaps completely disable your strong arm at worst. Carrying more toward the centerline, however, makes access by either hand much easier and allows a draw that doesn’t leave your strong arm a ripe target for somebody with a couple of month’s worth of BJJ under their belt.

Chris spent a good bit of time working through the draw and deployment of the knife step-by-step and then having the students work with their partners to work through the process with some opposing pressure. (Always a sign of quality instruction) In working through the drills he put us through you begin to see the value of Chris’ approach. The people we were working against were similarly normal folks doing what came naturally…not carefully selected acolytes providing best-case resistance to make some goofy technique look plausible. Chris’ stuff just flat worked time and time again.

When it comes to the topic of knives, I know a lot of us are stuck thinking something like this:

Unfortunately that’s not how it works in the real world. It’s not like the game of rock, paper, huge-knife that ol’ Mick Dundee played there. (And in real life you don’t win the attractive blonde either…bummer.) A small blade can maim or kill you very easily, and perhaps do so without you even realizing it at the time. More on that another time…

On the plus side, though, with intelligent gear selection and a little bit of knowledge you can defend yourself very effectively against a number of serious assaults with a small knife. A small female being assaulted by a guy my size doesn’t have much hope of winning through sheer physical strength and would need considerable skill as a fighter to overcome the size and strength deficit I have on her…but arm that same small female with even a small knife and Chris’ instruction in the use of it and a bad man my size or bigger would be in serious trouble. As would any accomplices.

Do not underestimate the power of a small knife. If I took nothing else away from this course I learned how dangerous a small knife could be in close quarters. Look at Chris’ schedule and find a date and location that works for you and learn how to effectively employ that practical tool you carry every day as a last-ditch defensive implement. Don’t just get the tool, get the knowledge to go with it.




  1. Last year I attended a one-day Defensive Folding Knife class by Michael de Bethencourt (Bobo), best known for his snubby training. Outstanding, and yeah, changed how I thought about what, how, and why of carry and use. Good bit of force-on-force training with drogos.

    Mostly Spiderco but used some other styles as well. Like any good defense-for-layperson class (yes, both boys and girls in the class) he taught a small number of very effective (but quite NSFW) moves and drilled-drilled-drilled. I recommend it highly.

    Todd G
    (not that one, the other one)

  2. After a couple of George Mathis classes trying to get a folder out like you, I’ve switched to carrying a small fixed blade at left AIWB on a static cord. Much quicker and more reliable to get out. Also doesn’t have the failure mode of it not getting locked and the close back on my fingers.

    1. A small fixed blade is certainly light years better than any folder you can find for the close-range tangle that is most likely to happen in real fights. If it is legal in your area to carry one I would certainly make finding a good one a priority. Personally I carry a Clinch Pick made by BanTang. A more economical version of the Clinch Pick is available as well, although it’s not quite as sharp as the BanTang version.

      Craig “Southnarc” Douglas had the major input on the design of the Clinch Pick and it seems to be widely regarded as one of the best designs for its purpose. Another good option would be the Ka-Bar TDI Knife designed by Greg Ellifritz. In class Chris mentioned that his wife carries a very small CRKT fixed blade every day…and when you use even that small of a knife in conjunction with the techniques Chris teaches it would be extremely effective.

      A bonus to the very small knives like the CP or the TDI knife is that they are often small enough to avoid being defined as weapons by the laws of many states.

      1. For small fixed blades, I’ve got a Timberline Lightfoot Mini Pitbull. Solid, 3″, small, and can be mounted handle up or down for easy access. I’d certainly trust it for hard duty more than any folder I own.

  3. After a course with Paul Sharp, I really, really want a fixed blade. I never did get the wave trainer to deploy properly. Stupid Ohio knife laws.

  4. If you get the chance, the Filipino Martial Arts have some really good techniques with regards to the use of a small blade.

    For an everyday folder, I find the cold steel rajah works well. it has a thumbplate that pulls double duty as a normal thumbstud and a poor man’s Emerson, it’s built like a brick shithouse, and its 3.5 inch blade strikes a good balance between utility and intimidation.
    For fixed blades, I use a boker/coye Ridgeback that disappears when worn horizontally in the appendix region.

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  6. I EDC a Cold Steel Lawman in my front left pocket. I’m not LEO, but the blade is just right for defensive and utility work at 3.5″ and tip up. I’m a righty and practice drawing it with my left hand. That skill won me a IDPA match a while back. They had this 550 cord they looped to your strong side wrist. On the start signal you had to retain your pistol with your strong hand until you cut the rope with your weak hand… one of the stranger stages I’ve done but I came out 10 seconds ahead of the pack. The MD tried to game it with a fixed blade but it was a POS that wasn’t sharp at all. I touch up my EDC every other week or so because it’s my EDC.

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