1. No 640PD?

    That’s my daily carry. Probably weighs close to what the LCR does. It will shoot .357Mag, but that kind of feels like firing the round without a gun. On the range however, .357 provides some entertainment when people ask “how bad can it be?”

    The general response after putting a .357 down range from the 640PD is “Holy f**k! Why would you shoot that?!?”

  2. Oh… +1 for Galco. Spend the money once on quality gear. I’m a huge fan of the Kimg Tuck line.

  3. I have been carrying a 642 during the warm months with 158gr. semi wadcutters (+P). I reload and shoot 148gr. HBWCs at the range and would not carry reloaded ammo. I assume you are using factory ammo. What load do you carry?

  4. Funny you mentioned Ruger 22lr revolver. I’ve been kicking around the ideal of picking up an 8 shoot S&W (hadn’t really thought of Ruger until you mentioned it) in 22lr to carry when i really can’t carry a real gun as you said for whatever reason. I have a S&W 317 with 3.5 inch barrel I keep in a farm truck for obvious reasons I won’t go into here, but the gun is super light weight. The long barrel makes pocket or light jacket carry difficult, but a short barrel would seem to be perfect for my intended purpose. No this would not be my go to gun for everyday carry or defensive use, but more for those times when something beats nothing. Some will no doubt say I should be looking at a .22 WMR, but losing 1 or 2 rounds for more noise and muzzle blast with little increased velocity seems like a poor trade off.

  5. I see you still have the Delta grip on your 640, so you appear to still like it. Have you done a report or two after having it for a while? Did you introduce it to Mr. Dremel, as you mentioned in your first report? I am guessing that it would be just a bit bulky for pocket carry, even for something like the LCR. Have you considered one for any of your other revolvers?

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