Kory Watkins is a nitwit

When confronted with idiocy I try to be a reasonable man about it, but every now and then you see something so utterly and unforgivably stupid that it would tax the patience of Job himself. This Kory Watkins nitwit and his merry band of fellow travelers who have succeeded in such epic douchebaggery that pro-gun legislation in Texas…Texas…has been imperiled are precisely the sort of people that could make Ghandi pick up a stick and start kicking some tail.

The latest in a long line of unforgivable nonsense is this lovely gem:


…wherein Mr. Watkins yet again opens his gaping maw and swallows his leg all the way to the hip-bone.

Hey, Kory: One of the primary reasons why there is pushback on open carry in Texas is precisely because of your idiotic antics. Going on video insisting that opposing your preferred policy is “treason” and that “treason” is “punishable by death” ain’t helping, sport.

To quote yet again one of the wisest comments I’ve seen on these types of shenanigans, if every time you do something to advance your supposed cause the end result is more gun control, perhaps it’s time to reconsider your tactics. If Texas open carry passes it will be in spite of, not because of, your idiotic behavior. A lot of perfectly sane people are having to work very hard to counter your nonsense because you’re doing a bang-up job of painting the side you supposedly support as a bunch of lunatics.

Of course, I don’t really expect that you’re interested in achieving policy goals so much as you are interested in personal validation. The rest of us who aren’t out of our minds, though, aren’t exactly pleased that you insist on venting your personality flaws in a manner that harms our interests. It’s not really our fault that you’re a social leper so it’s difficult to understand why you insist on being such an obstreperous pain in our ass.

If you really care about advancing the cause, cupcake, the best thing you can do is sit down and shut the hell up. If not, then by all means keep being an idiot and then whine when you’ve screwed up one time too many and the weight of your stupidity comes crashing down on your own head.

Now the fact that someone as utterly tone deaf as Kory exists doesn’t surprise me, really…human nature being what it is there’s always one. What I cannot fathom is why anyone willingly associates with this jackwagon.

“He supports our rights!” No, he doesn’t. Every time he opens his fetid suck it sets the cause back. He’s not on our team, he’s on his own team and couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss about the real consequences of his puerile, churlish, contemptible behavior. Somebody who shoots you through unforgivable negligence isn’t any better of a friend than somebody who shoots you on purpose, folks. We owe numbskulls busy tearing things up no loyalty just because they claim to be on our side.

This kind of idiocy needs to be called out in no uncertain terms for what it is, especially by pro-gunners. These yutzes damn sure don’t represent me and I’m guessing they don’t represent you either. So it’s on us to make it abundantly clear that knuckleheads like Kory aren’t “gun rights leaders” or “activists” on our behalf. He represents himself…and even that pretty damned poorly.

Don’t make any excuses for this type of idiocy because you think Kory or similarly-inclined yahoos is on your side. Follow that perfectly reasonable instinct objecting in your mind and shun them like the village idiots they insist on being.




  1. After reading yor blog I’m not sure where you stand on this. Good articulation without resorting to vulgarity.

  2. have you considered the possibility that Kory is being funded by Bloomberg to thwart open carry in Texas?

    1. No. Stop it. We need to stop suggesting that everything is a false-flag operation. Kory Watkins is just an asshole, and he’s an asshole who happens to be “pro-gun.” Same as CJ Grisham. They’re not false-flag ops, and we need to knock this no-true Scotsman bullshit off most rickey-tick and police our own. Every time someone suggests that fuckmooks such as Watkins are false-flags, it makes the task of cleaning our own house more difficult.

  3. With the bizarre world antis live in and approaches they take (such as creating supposedly pro-gun organizations that aren’t), would it be so far fetched to create a ‘pro’ persona so over the top so an easy example of irrationality is available?

  4. Allow me, Watkins is the centerpiece of a bouquet of a–holes. We, here in Virginia, also have a bevy of buffoons who continue to roil the argument, and give strength to the anti-gunners, by their brazen display of stupidity in the name of S.A. rights.

  5. Well said, sir. I’d like to maintain the rights I have. Sick of this guy’s antics bringing unnecessary heat on the rest of us.

  6. As a friend of mine has said about certain people “I wish they would stop being on my side.” Every time you hear something from these people, you just want to shut them up for the good of your cause. And, both sides have these idiots. Unfortunately, most of the media will only talk about the nutcases on the gun rights side.

    1. When you consider that Shannon Watts, that guy from VPC, and even Mike Bloomberg himself have proven to be such idiots, it isn’t just that the media would only talk to nutcases on the gun rights side: when the media talks to the nutcases on the gun banning side, they gloss over the idiocy.

      In some cases, I suspect that most members of the media are even ignorant enough to not even realize that idiocy is happening…in other cases, they just gloss over (perhaps even subconsciously) the idiocy…

  7. Great article Tim. My thoughts on Kory Watkins are absolutely unable to be posted on the Internet, but you really should get this on social media as much as possible. Letting the fence sitters know that we are not looking favorably on these geniuses is the best way to diminish his negative influence on our rights.

  8. To all those who forget, and by the way I am pro 2nd, even in the old West open carry inside “city limits” was against the law. As I said I am pro 2nd, but even I don’t want a return to every one walking around with “heat” strapped to the hip. I am for open carry only in the sense a gun can be placed “openly” on the seat of a vehicle. If you want to “carry” , “Get a ccw.”.

    1. I think open carry should absolutely be legal, so I wish that this Kory douchecanoe would quit helping the other side.

  9. This imbecile and his cohorts continually repeat their line of bull$#it about “constitutional carry” but are oblivious to the power vested in the Texas Legislature by Section 23, Bill of Rights, Constitution of the State of Texas, which has remained the relevant controlling Texas constitutional law since adopted on February 15, 1876.

    Sec. 23. RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. Every citizen shall have the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of himself or the State; but the Legislature shall have power, by law, to regulate the wearing of arms, with a view to prevent crime.

    Kory’s dumbass pissed all three branches of State Government with the incredibly stupid threat, pro gun rights Reps, Senators, and Lt. Governor included, so Open Carry is for sure dead in the 84th Legislature, and maybe in future sessions as well.

    The closest thing to new legislation on Open Carry might be a law restricting the open carry of long guns.

  10. If one was to use OCTC logic, intent is more important than results.
    Thus, a mechanic who genuinely wants to fix machinery, but has managed to set every vehicle he’s ever worked on is a perfectly good mechanic, because his intentions are good.
    Likewise, a dog groomer that loves animals, but sadly, tends to accidentally disembowel every dog they clipped? By OCTC logic, the intent is good, and they’re doing good.
    And never forget that Typhoid Mary loved cooking for others.

  11. I’m going to put this very simply. Watkins needs to fall down a man hole, break his neck and die!

  12. Looking at his eyes, and the way the blather is coming out of his mouth, I’d say he’s on some sort of drugs.

  13. I have discovered that the only effective way of convincing people who are on the fence about gun control to come to our side is to simply be the type of gun owner that they are comfortable with. My goal is that when people think of gun owners, they think of a level headed person who takes gun safety and gun ownership seriously. That is who I try to be. That is what sways people who are in the middle to support gun rights. No amount of hyperbole or argument will convince people to come around to our side if they don’t see us as the type of people they are comfortable with.

    You can’t change the minds of hardcore anti gunners. But you can convince the people in the middle. The way to do that is be a responsible gun owner that makes them comfortable with gun owners. Guys like Kory Watkins provide ammo for the anti gunners by making gun owners look like crazy men who probably shouldn’t own guns.

  14. Think he should be promoted from village idiot to the Official State Idiot of Texas.

  15. Patrick Henry was much less tame than this Kory fellow. His writings were quite vociferous towards tyranny and he didn’t hesitate to call it like he saw it. This Kory lad won’t affect anything, you are giving him way too much credit.

  16. The thing that’s most troubling about Watkins’ comments, among other things, is his confused concept of what the Constitution is. He seems to think the document is a stable, unchanging eidos and that rights are somehow invested in individual persons.

    (Editor’s note: don’t use my comments section to promote your shitty blog. Link removed.)

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