Well there’s your problem


You see that frame? You see how it’s cracked like that? That crack is why I’m very, very suspect of using re-manufactured ammo from companies I’ve never heard of. Generally speaking, I’ll only use reman from the following companies: Atlanta Arms, Freedom Munitions and…yeah that’s pretty much it.


  1. Black Hills is one of the few reman ammo makers I will buy ammo from, Asym being another.

  2. And these are the same asshats that buy Reman Ammo from Billybob’s Gun and Tackle in FBE and when they blow up their guns, they create a YouTube Video DEMANDING that the Gun Companies REPLACE they gun they blew up with crappy Remanufactured Ammo!! Ya, that crap that would’t chamber on their Glock, that they had to cram in the Chamber and then blew up their Guns!!

    You can fix many things in this world, but STUPID is NOT one of them!!

  3. Unsurprising. No different then kids bolting made-in-Hong Kong ebay aftermarket parts to Mitsubishi cars and then wondering why the company wont honor the warranty after blowing up the transmission.Just human nature to break stuff and blame somone else for it .

    I wonder if ,on some ancient tablet, there’s a warranty denial written down in Latin after some Roman soldier monkeyed with his sword and broke it

    1. Centurion- Upon receipt of your sword for warranty work, we found that it had been used to chop down trees and as a shovel for digging trenches. This is outside the scope of what is deemed normal use for this sword, normal use being the killing of barbarians on the northern border. We have returned your sword to you, and recommend you find a qualified blacksmith to repair it. Hail Caesar!

  4. I still remember the YOUTUBE Video of the Dude that blew up his Brand New M&P with Crappy Ammo, and was incensed with S&W wouldn’t replace his Gun for him!! He NEVER stated that he used Crappy Ammo, but after he was asked what Ammo he used, he fessed up and disclosed that he used Remanufactured Ammo he purchased at Toothless Gun and Tackle somewhere!! He thought that just because the Ranger from SEAL Team Delta at the Gun Counted told him that this was Good Ammo, it was Good Ammo!!

  5. I’ve never had an issue firing HSM handgun ammo in 10 mm through my Glock 20 or .40 S&W through my Springfield XD. However, I’ll admit to being prejudiced in HSM’s favor, because I prefer to “Buy Montana.” I’ve heard a few complaints that HSM ammo is dirty, but I haven’t found it to be any worse than expected.

    1. I agree Janine, I’ve shot HSM 460S&W, 454Casull, 45LC, 45ACP, 9MM and 380 and I’ve never had an issue.

  6. Precision Delta also has good remanufactured ammo. They also have brand new ammo. I’ve tried it before and it is pretty good.

  7. Two events this week at the range I work at go with this topic. One was a case head separation in our range AR. Ammo was HSM reman. The second was a guy having issues with his Kimber Solo (started with a Kimber, so he was already behind the curve). He came out saying his gun was jammed, and swore he was using ‘factory ammo.’ I went out on the range, and checked the ammo–the first three cases I picked up all had different headstamps, and the hornady XTP bullets we loaded WAY too long. Short story was the guy bought at least 1000 rounds from a guy at the gun show who swore they were ‘factory hollow-points,’ and they were being crammed into the chamber and getting stuck due to the OAL. After buying a new box of ammo, the problems vanished.

  8. All my remanned ammo is made in a rickety shed by a shady character that watches me in the mirror every morning.

  9. Hey PolGas. Glocks are the best asshole. You Can Blow Up Any Gun With To Much Gun powder. If glocks sucks so bad how come everyone is trying to make there own copy glockoff?

  10. With Federal’s latest offering of new ammo in Aluminum cases of 50 rds @ $10 for 9mm and around $14 for .40… I just stay away from reloads for target rounds.

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