1. Since you have started your wheel gun posts, I have bought 6! You are a revolver pusher.

      1. Can’t argue with that chambering or that reason, and Smith is making them again as part of the Classics series. I want one. They’ve got a Classics Model 57 as well, but I’ve already got mine. .A Smith in 41 Mag. is as American as Elmer Keith, Bill Jordan and George Washington. I think it’s best to have both.

  2. You should look into purchasing some N frame grips for your 629 instead of the L frame ones you have on there…

  3. While we are at it, a 6″ pre war Registered Magnum would be a nice addition to my collection.

  4. Your desire for a Model 25 and your sound reasoning have redeemed my faith in Muricah

  5. 25-2 was my first S&W. Still have it, still love it. I’d part with my PC 625 Miculek before I’d let the 625-2 go

  6. Appreciate your straight up reviews with self criticizing style of writing
    28,58, 29-4 with 5″ barrel unfluted
    28 – Never had a problem with 357 full power even in a 2 1/2″ 19 or 4″ 66
    58 – Is a handful with skinny no lug barrel, 41 mag ammo hard to find and very expensive
    29 – Decelerator grips and Hornady 300 grain XTP is doable for mid 60’s hands

    Thought about converting 58 to another caliber, stupid expensive for me
    Anybody want a 58?

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