Open carry advocate has gun stolen

An active open carrier had his gun stolen last night in Oregon. There are some really juicy bits in this story, which I’ll pluck for your amusement.

William Coleman III was robbed of his Walter- brand P22 (emphasis added)

Of COURSE it was a P22. I really like the P22 as a fun, plinking gun. It’s nice to shoot, has good aesthetics, and is generally a fun little gun. But it’s not a carry gun. I’ve also noticed that a certain type of person will buy guns like the P22 for carry when they can’t afford a better gun, because of the way it looks. Of course.

just after 2:00 a.m

Rule of stupid in effect here! Don’t go stupid places, with stupid people, at stupid times. 2am is a stupid time. I understand that as a law abiding citizen you have the right to be wherever you want when you want, but just because everything is permissible doesn’t mean everything is beneficial. No story that ended well ever started with “well, I was minding my own business at 2am when…”

Coleman, 21, was talking to his cousin in the 17200 block of NE Glisan St., after purchasing the handgun earlier that day, when a young man asked him for a cigarette, police said.

And there’s the coup de grace. Just minding your own business at 2am, hanging out in a bad neighborhood. Seriously, let’s revisit the rule of stupids here. Why are you open carrying at 2am? Why are you anywhere but your own rack, sound asleep like a wee little baby at 2am on a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning? If you’re out “patrolling your neighborhood” like a sheepdog, then you’re an idiot. Actually look, I just can’t come up with any version of the story where this guy isn’t an idiot.

Like most OC people, it’s all about him, and it was all about him to the point that now thanks to his inattention and stupidity, there’s a stolen gun on the streets. Way to go, jerkoff.


  1. So much for open carry as a deterrent to crime.
    Also, the picture in the linked article is not even a P22.
    Everything about this is ridiculous.

    1. Well they did at least get the brand correct 😉 – really not too bad for the anti-gun media.

  2. Criminals often begin with a demand on the victim.

    A cigarrette, spare change, what time is it?

    “No” for the first two, and a smile and “no clue” while looking right at him for the last. Stare right at the “begger”. He wants something from you. Screw his sensibilities.

  3. Hi, brand new to this site. Anyone interested in buying a Walther P22?

    1. That is insane! The “good guy” is shooting at the badguy with a kid on a bike right behind him! (@1:25)

      1. Those appear to be cops or some kind of security, given they have radios. Which makes it not “open carry” per se.

  4. Andrew, That’s exactly what we will be seeing on every anti-gun tweet or post for months: how this single incident invalidates open carry as an occasionally appropriate and convenient practice, rather than pointing out the flaw in the obviously idiotic idea some carriers have that an OC gun is a magic anti-crime bubble generator.

  5. NPR ran the story this morning, and of course left most of the details out to make it into an “if you open carry your gun will be stolen” story. But that’s what I expect from NPR. BTW, not my radio but a coworkers I overheard the story on.

  6. All comment about stupid at 2am is valid. Still, if his little gun was concealed, he’d probably still have it. i could never be this guy but if I was, I might have just slinked home and gone to bed rather than call the cops and announce to the world that I was a supersized idiot.

  7. “…after purchasing the handgun earlier that day…” HMMM? This “open cary, dare me” game is getting a bit monotonous.

  8. I think the assumption that this guy was an, “open carry advocate” might be a stretch. It sounds to me like he was a young man that bought a handgun (likely his first based on his age), wanted to carry it, but hadn’t yet gone through the process of obtaining an Oregon CCW. Without a valid CCW, his only legal option for carrying his new heater was OC.

  9. I’d heard he wasn’t even open carrying, he had it out,(presumably unloaded) showing it to his cousin, on the street in a bad neighborhood at 2am.

  10. It’s easy to read too much into this, aside from the fact that it was a series of boneheaded mistakes on his part.

    I know I never did anything dumb when I was 21. (Okay, not THIS dumb, but still…)

    Extrapolating one incident into an indictment of an entire swath of people is MDA’s job.

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