1. I haven’t seen the show, but I’m curious what kind of crimes NCIS agents in Los Angeles would be investigating, since the only facility that’s pretty close to LA is the Seal Beach magazine in Orange County. Is it really NCIS: Oxnard? Even more confused about who the NCIS: New Orleans crew will be pursuing…

    1. They do spy stuff.

      I’m not even kidding. They’re supposed to be a covert clandestine…uh…thing, and they get in routine gunfights. In downtown LA.

  2. Heh, because spy stuff happens in LA.

    Silly Turrurists…trying to find out the latest celebrity gossip and willing to cut anybody’s throat to get it.

  3. You never see the NCIS guys investigating a ship’s store break-in or a missing handgun from an armory or some sailors dealing drugs.

    Because, in my experience, that’s what the real NCIS guys were doing. (When they weren’t trying to cover up an admiral’s DUI arrest or something similar.)

  4. You forgot the part about how they say guns are evil and no private citizens should ever have one… as they blast everything in sight.

  5. Forget the weekly gunfights. It is just TV after all. My gripe is the near weekly “Machine gun” fights. That and the nearly routine right wing and capitalist inspired non Islamic terrorist plots. It’s now rare to see Muslim terrorists. Or else they’re ‘dupes’ of billionares. Also a pet peeve, when did Israel become the enemy dejure?

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