1. When I read the tweet with a link to this I thought “what idiot would try to fix a speedloader?”. Makes more sense now.

  2. Typically I find repair how to fix things videos difficult to follow. Excellent step by step repair instructions. I have followed a similar repair process with AR mags and found it to work well for me. Keep up the how to videos.

  3. Wait, I’m confused… what size punch will I need? Does it need to be a roll pin punch or a regular one?

    Having just dealt with a batch of Comp IIIs that I bought in May, 5 of which are already getting difficult or impossible to latch, I’m experimenting with a couple repair processes.

    One is running the speedloaders through a hypersonic cleaner full of Simple Green multiple times, and then blowing them out with compressed air. This has proven fairly effective, but a couple still refuse to latch.

    With these, I’m trying a similar process to yours, but the search phrase I’m using is “Buffer Tech Jet Loader”. Although they’re more expensive (and Amazon doesn’t stock them) I’m fairly impressed with the results so far.

  4. No one click check out?

    I thought the way to fix speedloaders was to have your cylinder cut for Moon Clips.

  5. Caleb, that was fantastic!

    Now, could you do one on how to fix a broken Constitutional Republic? Pretty please, with Hodgdon on top?!?!

    Mr. Breeze

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