1. Yet the NSSF isn’t changing their face. They use the typical clay shooting picture. How many of the new target shooters are involved more with pistols and semi-auto rifles?

  2. Honestly, for years I thought the NSSF represented the shotgun sports and occasionally the precision rifle sport.

  3. Gun enthusiasm (buying guns, collecting guns, accumulating guns, stockpiling ammo, etc), and shooting sports are the new NASCAR. Probably triggered by the surge of returning vets from Iraq/Afghanistan, a lot of the people who did golf in the 1990’s and NASCAR in the early 200’s switched to gun enthusiasm and shooting. they are already moving on, some to the “battlefield medicine / tactical EMS” stuff and some to radio and communications. I fully expect the gun ranges and ammo counters to go back to being boring, quiet places for the shooters who have had shooting in their blood for decades, sometime by the end of 2015-2016. On the other hand, every ying yang and his brother is now carrying around tourniquets and other first aid gear, and soon the sleepy, old-man world of Ham Radio will be sparkling with new life.

    1. Most of the People who put money in some form into NASCAR in 2000’s are either Broke, Bankrupt, Out of work; Lost their house and on the street I built some Race’/hotrods in past, made good money doing it. Never fool enough to buy one.

  4. Why is it that every time something has an increase. shooting, golfing, fishing or whatever there is always blacks involved?? 15% of the population, and they are in 95% of all advertising.. Just came back from a trip where I shot at 2 great ranges and guess what–NONE of the above. Must’ve been a slow day in the liberal press huh?

  5. Target shooting, shotgun, rifle, handgun, whatever is an enjoyable sport to all who do. It doesn’t require you to be Daniel Boone or the need to draw blood. Its testing and training yourself like anything else to try and be the best you can be. Sounds like a commercial for–.I forgot Bows and Arrows too, pellet guns, etc., etc. I dont want to hear Oh, he forgot–. If you leave the field @ the end of the day and feel good about what you accomplished and learned and enjoyed–what else is there to ask for, Maybe, I want that Trophy. I can’t be that Niaeve. Lets raise the ranks of and continue onward. Unfortuanetly, todays cost impacts almost everybody to do anything beyond necessity anymore.

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