Everytown for Gun Safety accidentally makes pro-gun advertisement

Watch this youtube video from EveryMom Demands Hot Action:

Seriously, that’s their commercial? The only difference between that and a commercial for self-defense is “if the mom had a gun.” Seriously, I’ve seen commercials by gun companies that looked exactly like that, except instead of cowering in fear, the mom pulls out a gun and smokes that fool.

That’s the thing about Everytown – I think that they’re probably the biggest threat to gun rights to come along since the 90s, mostly because they’re funded by someone who can toss 20 million dollars around like it’s pocket change. Money is dangerous, and Bloomberg has lots of money. They’re also a lot smarter than the previous generations of gun control clowns, because they’re better at staying on message and not doing silly things like using their official platform to call for total bans on firearms ownership. Yes, they have individual members who do such things, but I think on the balance they’re pretty squared away.

In a way that’s why I’m so baffled by this ad, because it doesn’t really make a lot of sense. It’s too easy for their opposition (that’d be us) to look at this ad and call out “uh, yeah she could have stopped that pretty easily, by shooting that motherf***er in the chest.” It practically contains all the pro-gun talking points: home invasion, restraining orders not stopping a badguy, and how a badguy with a gun easily kills a defenseless woman.

Seriously, Everytown, thanks! You’ve made a great pro-gun video, and I’ll make sure to show this to people as an example of why they should absolutely be armed in the home. Good job! You should probably fire the person whose idea this was, though.


  1. I liked it. Especially the part showing how useless 911 is when you need help NOW. Help yourself or be a victim. Great message.

  2. It’s boggling. that guy had complete control of the situation. If he had wanted to beat her to death, smash her head with a lamp, any of a wide number of things, she could have done nothing to stop him without a credible weapon of her own. The gun was totally superfluous.

  3. As though it would have been no problem had the jerk not been armed (the supposed intent of the ad).
    New York City denizens, seriously? You put this guy in office how many times?

  4. It’s a pro-gun spot IF you have not already drunk the Bloomberg Kool-aid. The reaction that I think my really liberal acquaintances would have is… “This is why we need to repeal the 2nd Admendment! Nobody should be allowed to have a gun.” Maybe they are getting ready to drop the non-sense about how they respect the 2nd Admendment and start a full-court press to outlaw civilian gun ownership.

  5. when I watched it, the guy pulled a gun and shot mom. I think they swapped videos…thats what you get for linking their youtube account.

  6. Dude kept his finger out of the trigger well until he acquired his target, even under severe stress… impressive.

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