Farewell Gun Nuts

20140730-104243-38563653.jpgDear Gun Nuts,
For over a year and a half, I have shared my journey through the gun world with you. I tried hard to give you my fresh perspective rather than “more of the same”. I offered up my personal life and mistakes, all the while knowing that you would bring a dose respectful honesty with a dash of thoughtful cynicism. I also shared an in depth look at the mind of a beginner. I hope that these posts helped those of you who are instructors and inspired those who were hesitant to try.

Today will be my last post for Gun Nuts, so I wanted to thank all of you for your comments and your support. I am moving on with a greatful heart, because writing for Gun Nuts has been a wonderful opportunity and an inspiring place to grow. I hope that Caleb will have me back, on occasion, but for now, I will be focusing on my own site, ArmedCandy. There you will find that I will still be reviewing brilliant product designs for beginners and female shooters. Also, I will be continuing the “Tales of a 3gun Beginner” series on ArmedCandy. I hope you will join me on Facebook and Instagram and be in touch often.

Thank you & so-long for now,


  1. See ya Gabby. I really enjoyed your articles on 3-gunning. I am fairly new to 3-gun myself so it was good to hear about your experiences as a new 3-gun shooter. Good luck!

  2. I will certainly keep your site in-sight and will share it with my daughter a young shooter of 20. Definitely enjoyed reading your different viewpoints on things. Hope you continue to follow your Dream and it leads to many Happy Trails : )

  3. Thanks Gabby,
    I’ve always enjoyed your perspective and will visit your site.

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