Going back to the Area 3 Championship this year

Last year, I shot the USPSA Area 3 Championship in a single day in Single Stack division. Last year, I was really impressed with the facility and the catering, but I thought the stages were a little heavy towards high round counts. Plus, I made the huge mistake of shooting the entire match in a single day, so I was totally and completely wiped out by the end of it.

S&W 929 9mm revolver competition holster

So when the opportunity presented itself to go back this year and shoot revolver, I was ALL OVER IT. Thanks to USPSA’s new rules, I can run my new 929 9mm revolver in Revolver division, and I (probably) won’t have to do a bunch of static reloads like I would if I was running a six-shooter. I was also smarter this year, and squadded myself up for Sat/Sun shooting instead of all day Friday, because 14 stages in a single day really was pretty awful.

Here’s my mindset for the match: “Don’t get DQ’d.” Honestly, this is a no-expectation sort of match for me, there are a couple of pretty good revo guys at this match so I certainly don’t expect to win, plus the fact that it’s two weeks away and I’ve practiced exactly zero reloads. Basically I’m going down to Nebraska to hang out for a couple of days, shoot my 929 a bunch, and have a good time. I do actually want to get back to shooting revolvers, I’d taken a break for a while because I was testing guns and doing some other stuff, but I always seem to enjoy my time with wheelguns more.

Let me know if you’re coming to Area 3 in the comments, and if you’re not squadded up there’s plenty of room in squad 41.


  1. Hey Caleb,

    It is my first time going to Area 3 and I am squadded for Friday. I have heard great things about the stages and the stuff but, like you said, I am not looking forward to 14 stages in one day. If you get there early lets meet up. I will be there Friday (all day) on squad 20.

    Good luck Sat/ Sun

    1. Good luck on Friday, I’m hoping to make it down in time to walk the stages before I shoot on Sat.

  2. Caleb, could you help me understand Bianchi rules. Is the 929 prohibited from Bianchi Production Div? Thanks for any comments.

      1. I’m wondering if the Performance Center is considered a “Custom Shop” as stated in the rules. Isn’t it a normal catalog item that anybody can buy in a gun shop? NRA rules are confusing…

  3. I’m shooting on Friday. How long did it take to shoot last year? My 7 year old daughter wants to come, but I’m worried about the long day….

  4. Scumbag Caleb: “Complains about high round count, and stages that seems to cater to open/limited shooters… brings a revolver anyway” You are asking for punishment!

    There were a total of two revo shooters last year… play your cards right and you will come home with the area 3 revo champion plaque. 😉

    All jokes aside I hope you do well and have fun. It takes a real man to shoot revo at area 3.

    1. There are actually a bunch more wheelgunners this year, at least according to the squad list. I think the rule change to make 8-round guns legal has opened up some people’s desire to shoot the wheel at area matches, because it won’t be such a godawful trudge of standing reloads with a 627 or a 929.

      1. That’s true. With 8 you will have quite a few more options. I”m missing Area 3 this year for defcon.. Wish I could attend, I always have a ton of fun with their stages. Nice to see revo is making a come back, it’s to bad I put together a 625 last year, only to have them change the rules on me… oh well.

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