Photo of the day: Smith & Wesson high capacity clips!

moonclip revolvers

Since a “regular” revolver’s capacity is 6, I’m pretty sure that makes these 7 and 8 shot clips “high” capacity. Also, I mentioned this on my Facebook page, but I love shooting moonclip guns because it gives me an excuse to say “clips” about ammo containing devices and be correct. “MY CLIPS ARE EMPTY!”


  1. Clips, clips, clips… Just seems wrong. But when I get a 929 it will be so right!

  2. You often mention how fond you are of the feeling of a tuned revolver. I don’t really want to send off a gun, but will one of these two revolvers give me that without needing to ship them off to a gunsmith?

    1. The PC gun is close. The action still needs a little tuning, but out of the box it’s really good.

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