Tuesday derpday: Steampunk AR15

steampunk ar15

Whoever did this to a perfectly good AR15: this is bad and you should feel bad. You’re a bad person. My only hope is that this was done to a garbage rifle, like a Bear Creek Arsenal or Battle Rifle Company gun. Maybe it’s an airsoft gun, in which case I won’t feel bad at all, because I know that it will be the loving property of a fedora wearing m’ladyboy.

I get that the new gun culture is a crazy world full of people with disparate interests. I actually know some gun owners that would probably think this steampuke mess is pretty cool. Here’s what I don’t get about this rifle, or the myriad of other, similar projects I’ve seen. Guns are cool enough by themselves that we don’t need to dress them up like fictional items to be cooler.

Plus, if you want to play AR15 dress up, we have an entire catalog of historical AR appearances to draw from. Want to make a ‘Nam era M16 lookalike? You can! Blackhawk down style M4s with huge Surefire lights and no rails? You bet! Early Afghan war railed monsters? Yes please. Modern, slick rail, lightweight guns? All day long.

But hey, I’m just an elitist snob. What you people do to your guns is your own business. Just don’t be surprised when elitist jerks like me point and laugh.


  1. It’s like an elephant. I like looking at it but I wouldn’t want to own one.

  2. Interesting as art, not so much as a functioning firearm…. Not sure what they were going for here but, I am sure dad will need that funnel back sometime soon.

  3. He could have at least bolted some sights onto it. Also Steampunk and Picatinny Rails really don’t go together no matter what you try.

  4. Awesome work if you even slightly understand Steampunk, Sian’s right though, needs a copper pipe half over the Picattinny. Bet it works too.

  5. Steam Punking an AR is no tragedy, they can be repainted for a few dollars and it’s a far greater challenge then a Moisen or any thing else from Mother Russia, (the home of the original Steam Punk!)
    BTW the optics are offset. I love the clockwork gears and the wooden PG

  6. While the author acknowledges just how much of a righteous punk he sounds like, the tone of this whole article goes from kinda funny to just mean. Matter of fact, I’m done here. Mr. Giddings, high school ended long ago. Grow up, kiddo.

  7. Not gonna bite, big guy. You come off as a judgemental little rat fink in your article, and that’s about all I have to say about that. Good day, sir.

    1. Lighten up, Mitch. The dude knocking the gussied-up AR is the same one that wears kilts and pink and purple holsters to major matches. He’s a Fancy Lad, just not a steampunk one.

  8. Whilst I do fancy to look upon and view such novelties of the mechanization of arms such as this before me, my curiosity is of the manner as to the proper functioning and disposition of such.

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