Photo of the day: Sight radius comparison, HK VP9 vs 1911


The 5 inch barrel on the 1911 is often lauded for delivering a long sight radius to the gun, which according to its proponents helps make the gun more shootable. How come then its sight radius is basically the same as a 4 inch HK VP9 and a 4.5 inch Glock 17?


  1. I’m sure if one were motivated, they could find a replacement sight for the 1911 that would push the front sight closer to the muzzle and therefore extending the sight line another 1/4″. Although here’s another question: why is the slide for a 4″ barrel almost the same length as that of a 5″ barrel 1911?

  2. Usually has something to do with being striker-fired doesn’t it ?

    That said, if the new HK is well accepted, would be nice if they offer it in a barrel length & “size” to make the most out of the USPSA & IDPA Boxes…

  3. Personally, I’ll take the 1911; like the looks, like the weight; glad to have the “right to choice” here in the USA : )

  4. Basically, for a striker fired gun, you get the barrel length of a Commander in the gun size of a Government Model. 😉

  5. And all this time, I thought the trigger was the secret to the 1911’s shootability…

  6. You know the only thing that keeps me from buying HKs? The mag release. Thats it.

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