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Heckler and Koch is sending us a VP9 for review. First off, that’s awesome, because this is the first HK pistol I’ve been genuinely excited about in a long time. I like the hammer fired guns, but they never really clicked with me. I guess if I’m getting a gun with a hammer on it, I feel like it should say “Beretta” on the slide.

hk vp9

However, the VP9 has me excited. The first reason is the price point. From HK’s website: “Suggested retail price of the VP9 is $719 with projected availability of July 2014.” That puts this at $200 cheaper than the P30, and makes it a direct swing at other guns in the market. HK has also confirmed that sights for the VP9 are the same as sights for the P30, so if you want to change the sights to a different type your existing P30 sights will definitely work on the VP9.


The trigger pull on the VP9 has been highly touted as well; with shooters who’ve fired it comparing it to the excellent trigger pulls on the Walther PPQ and Sig P320. The gun comes with the grip customization features of the P30, and also accepts the same magazines as the HK P30. Additionally, Taylor Freelance mag extensions will work on the VP9 according to web reports, meaning you can expand the capacity up to 19+1 if you’d like.


It’s not often that I get legitimately excited about a gun. Every now and then something comes along that really does seem like a game changer. No, polymer striker fired guns aren’t new; HK isn’t new, but a striker fired HK at a price point that makes it competitive with other guns in the market? That’s a game changer right there. If this gun holds up to the legendary HK rep for reliability and accuracy, it could really shake things up.


    1. it’d be pretty close between the VP9 and PPQ. The VP9 has about a .16 shorter reset than the PPQ. But I love my PPQ and don’t regret buying it. and it was about 100 dollars less. But nevertheless I really like this gun despite it looking similar to a PPQ especially the crescent bumps on the grip it has like the PPQ does.

  1. I’m interested in getting my hands on one of these as well….but that said, I don’t think that “game changer” means what you think it means.

    1. “Game changer: a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way”

      Nope, that’s pretty much exactly what I thought it meant and used it as.

  2. Back in the late 90’s I sold off a rather nice HK collection that I had build up since the mid 80’s to buy a high end Beretta O/U shotgun for sporting clays. I still have no regrets about that. All that remains are an M8, M13, and a P9S in .45, all safe queens. I hated the original USP line and after the P7 went out of production I figured my addition to HK went along with it. I even tried to warm up to the P30 but it didn’t take. But I must admit that this VP 9 has me almost as excited as when I first handled and fired a P7.

  3. I find it interesting that they went with that mag release location. It never seemed to be popular on the Walther guns.

    1. For shooters with stubby thumbs, though– like yours truly– that mag release is an absolute godsend.

  4. Question is… can you afford to go all TLG on it and see how far it’ll go before it breaks?

  5. I’ve been a HK fan for years and own quite a few, I carry the HK45C and my house gun is a HK USP40 with a match trigger. I’ll probably pick up a VP9 for range days. My USP9 has been my range day pistol for a long time. It might be time to give it to my son. HKs are inherently accurate and reliable. I’ve never regretted getting into shooting HK pistols and long guns. If you’ve never shot a P7 series self cocker you don’t know what you’re missing. The fixed barrel makes it deadly accurate.

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