1. Back in the day, they used to stress that a weapon was a system, and that system included the firearm, the ammunition, and the man. So I think it would be most appropriate to conduct these silly “torture tests” on the the system: Strap on a chest pack of mags, hang your rifle from it’s tactical sling, and throw yourself under that truck or into the fire or whatever the heck.

    While I value tests that give me an idea of comparative quality, lately I’ve been seeing a bunch of downright silly stuff at various ‘Net venues that means nothing, about on par with “My ‘Gosharama’ glass-filled polymer mags failed the heat test long before the steel mags slagged down at 1370 DegC”, or “The ‘Super OwlEye GenXXXIII’ light-amplifying goggles failed when exposed to the optical flash of a 10 KT tactical nuke; DO NOT BUY.” Too damned many “tests” are exceeding any physics/engineering-based realistic material expectations just for the alleged entertainment value. If testing is the goal, keep it real — if you’re run over by a MBT, _something_ isn’t going to work afterwards. If you’re providing entertainment, make sure it’s labeled as such so readers needing _data_ can go elsewhere.

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