Photo of the day: Battle-damaged Battlemag

troy battlemag battledamage

Here’s a close look at the damage from the .223 round. It’s not my best shot, to be honest. I missed the spine and creased the mag, but the bullet clearly tumbled and took out that big chunk out of the front. The spring on the inside of the mag was also all kinked up from where the bullet creased it.

The shotgun test and the pistol test were mostly just clowning around, but this was actually impressive. I couldn’t believe the magazine held together, and also held all the cartridges correctly and fed them. I was genuinely impressed by this result.


  1. That is pretty amazing. I wonder if it would have had the same results if the shot had hit higher on the mag. The reason being the added weight below the broken area may be enough to cause failure. But either way, that is a remarkable demonstration and positive endorsement for the quality of the mag. I would be curious to see the results of a similar test on a P-Mag and see how they hold up.

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