DIY Folding Gun Stand

standI’ve been asked a few times to explain how I built my diy folding gun stand, so I thought I’d do that this morning. Its made from PVC pipe, some nuts and bolts and rubber spray paint. I’m a crafty, tinkerer type, so I didn’t use any directions or plans when making this stand. I hope that you will use this post as a general guide and then make the project your own! Do send pictures!!

2-18″ PVC pipe
2-6″ pipes
4-8″ pipes
1-2” pipe
6-pvc end caps
4-pvc Ts
Rubber tread with adhesive backing
Aluminum door threshold tread
Rubber feet, screw-in-place
Rubber spray paint
Foam twist ties
2-strapping bars (2 hole)
7-1″ fender washers
1-1/2″ screw w/ matching nylon nut
2-2 1/2″ screw with matching nylon nuts + 2-spacer nuts

20140602-112021-40821289.jpgOne 8’ long piece of ½” PVC pipe should be enough for this project (and then some). If you don’t have a pipe cutter then have the pieces cut at the home improvement store. I ended up trimming some of the pipes during the project, so the tool might be worth the investment. Also, you may want to cement your pcv pipe if the parts don’t fit snuggly. The PVC cement is really toxic stuff, so read the directions and work in well ventilated area. I will note where NOT to put the cement and all other joints will be up to you.

Lay out the parts as shown in the drawing. You will want to drill all the holes and put all the PVC pieces together prior to spraying them with rubber spray. The rubber coating isn’t a requirement, but it’s a nice black tactical finish. (It may take a number of coats to make he stand solidly black.

20140602-112758-41278567.jpgWhile the coating is drying, screw together the metal pieces that make up the hinge. Once the coating has dried spread the two legs of the stand to shape a triangle and measure how far the hinge will span between them. Mark were the holes in the strapping align with he legs of the stand, and drill all the way through each leg.

20140602-113248-41568971.jpgNow the hinge can be attached to each leg. The screws and bolts should be configured as seen in “Detail #1”. Put the screws and bolts through both legs prior to adding the hinge between them.

With the hinge fully extended you will now see the angle at which the fit should screw into the bottom of each end cap. Drill holes and attach feet. For the base that holds the stock of the gun, I used an upside-down piece of aluminum door threshold tread. It has to be cut to the proper length and a semi circle cut from the center, to allow a space for the PVC T to attach to the angled leg. The same cuts should be made to the rubber tread. All of these parts can either be riveted or screwed into place.

The very last piece of this puzzle is some heavy duty foam twisty ties. I used these as spacers for the guns, otherwise you would probably only put one long gun on either side of the stand, and that would be a waste of space. Starting at one end cap and work toward the center T. Leave a 3″ straight piece of foam twisty sticking out perpendicular to the top of the 6″ piece of PVC pipe. Make one complete wrap around and then let another 3″ piece of twisty stick straight out from the PVC. Fold he twisty back using another 3″ of length and then wrap around the PVC one last time. You should be left with about 3″ of twisty. This creates a nice soft place for the barrels of your long guns to rest and lean, but not topple over. Repeat these steps for the other side of the stand, and then take your project to the range and show it off!


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