1. It is because you know I am not there nipping at your heels to keep you sharp. Sorry, I took this year off.

  2. I’ve noticed Caleb that you like to complain about major matches. Last year you complained about Area 3 which I thought was well run and an excellent match, I liked the stage design, and you clearly didn’t, that’s cool people have different opinions. I also ran it in two days, where you ran it in one which makes a big difference. This year it’s the BC, and some botched scoring, which is understandable.

    I do have one question for you though. Have you ever served as match director before? Have you ever been involved in stage design for a major, or served as an RO in a major match before? If the answer to these questions is no, I would like to challenge you to get more involved in match administration. It may give you a different perspective. I always say if you are going to “bitch” you better be ready to help fix the problem.

    1. Greg. First off, I am not complaining about the Bianchi Cup. This is by far the best run and best administered match that I attend.

      I did however complain about the poorly run NRA AP World Championship. I am not the only one who felt this way. Many other shooters have voiced the exact same opinion.

      As far as the rest of your question, that’s just an appeal to authority. One doesn’t need to have worked major matches to know when things are not being done well. The more I think about it, the more ridiculous your comment is. I’ve covered over 30 major matches in the last three years, and I’ve had bad things to say about exactly three of them: Steel Challenge 2013, Area 3 2013, and NRA AP World Championship 2014. Plus the only thing I didn’t like about Area 3 was the stage design.

      1. Caleb,

        My implication wasn’t “You have never worked a large match so what do you know.” I was trying to convey how important it is for people who have shot over 30 matches in the last years to get involved in match administration. Most of the don’t shoot that many majors. I would say most major md’s don’t get a chance to make it to that many. Many md’s don’t have the multiple discipline pistol background you have. I was challenging to step up and contribute. I see a ton of really good critique on your blog, you should put it into action. I’m sorry if you took it in a negative way. It should have be taken as a compliment.

        1. Greg, please accept my apology for the rudeness of my response. I know it’s not an excuse, but I read your comment shortly after flaming out on the Plates at the Cup today, so I was not in the best space mentally. I was frustrated with my shooting, and I took it out on you, I am sorry for that.

          As far as working majors go, I have worked a few state level matches, but I don’t really have the taste for administration. It’s a little bit too much like work for my taste. 😉

          1. Caleb,

            It’s all good, I knew right were you were at when I read your response. I’ve been there. Sorry you had a rough day.
            I recently started serving as MD for our local 3-gun and found it be extremely challenging. Your recent post got me thinking very hard. I had various complaints from competitors on my last match.
            I quickly learned that when you run into issues or problems the best thing to ask the competitor “what can we do next time differently?”. Half the time they stare at you blankly.. but sometimes they have great answers. These are usually the people that get around to a shit ton matches. These are also seem to be the folks that are smart enough to not get sucked into being the MD in the first place.

            The suggestion that you should get more involved in match administration and stage design, Truly was a compliment. You don’t want an inexperienced idiot throwing stages together, or ruling on whether or not you end up with a DQ/penalties, you want the guy who has been around.

            I hope your day gets better, and next match goes smoothly.

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