1. As a guy who has owned a Beretta 92FS for 20 years and came late to the polymer pistol game, I expected that I’d get a Glock. However both the Glock 19 and 17 were downright uncomfortable in my hands. Next I tried the S&W M&P 9, and loved the feel in my hand, but hated the trigger which to me had zero detectable reset and I didn’t relish the idea of buying a new gun only to immediately send it in for a $130 trigger job. So next up was the Springfield XDm. Felt damn near as good in my hand as the S&W M&P 9, and I loved the trigger. Ended up with both a service model and a compact for concealed carry. Used both for over three years now, including several Insights Training classes, very happy with both.

  2. Caleb, can you explain why you would recommend the 5.25 but not any other XDm? What differentiates the 5.25 from its deficient relatives?

    1. It has really good sights straight from the factory and is pretty well set-up for competition. The other XDm guns don’t have good sights and I don’t like them for CCW purposes.

      1. Gotcha, but that makes me laugh a little, too. The front sight post is the only thing I’ve replaced on my 5.25!

        1. I love the rear sight so hard it makes me feel funny in my pants. More guns should come with bomar style rears from the factory.

  3. I’ve had mine since they came out and like it a lot. Installed a Powder River drop-in trigger kit using the carry springs (not reliable with competition springs) and it is an awesome setup. It feels better then a Glock 34 to me but they are pretty close.

  4. It’s funny, because you can see that it has a match grade barrel….

  5. I get it. The XD series has two polymer frame lugs. QC isn’t great. Stock sights are ho-hum. The trigger makes me want to bleed a brake line. Mine (fullsize, compact) are in .45, which isn’t the most efficient round. It’s not widely adopted by professionals anywhere. I probably should sell my XDm .45s and get something more in line with my 9mm M&Ps,

    But the way the XDm feels in the hand and when shooting is simply fantastic. “Goldilocks” grip that’s not too big or too small, and not too rough or too smooth. Nice solid push for recoil, not a lightweight snap. Slick magazines that are easy to reload. Ambi mag release so I don’t have to shift my grip.


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