1. There was a time, way back in the last century, I could get away with an X-smedium but I’ve made too many deposits in the old beer and pizza storage locker so now I’m forced to wear X-lard. When I want that cool “I’m a professional and I know what I’m doing” look I put on my stretchy spand… oops, I mean mandex shirt. My spouse, er, sponsor says I look less dorky than usual which in my mind is the same as saying I look cool. Pass me that recovery drink.

  2. So Firefly t-shirts are not OK but Serenity posters on your wall are?

    I am confused.

    I got a lot of funny looks when I took my TEC-9 to the range while wearing my Doctor Who t-shirt. Not sure why.

  3. Why not add 10k crunches/day to the pushups? Then you could go with a one size too small tank top or just skip the shirt altogether.

  4. Caleb you are already on my list of heros but I’m going to add a gold star next to your name. Thanks for the lolz.

  5. Nice hat tip to Ferris Bueler at the end. You missed the most important shirt, a Techwear with all kinds of logos on it so you look like you’re a sponsored shooter.

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