The Top 5 Handguns I wish someone would make

One of the best parts about being in the firearms industry is that you get to see cool new products, and even in some cases have a hand in how a product turns out. But there’s always something more, and each of us has own special kind of derp that really attracts our attention. I could make a massive, long list of all the guns I wish someone would make, but I decided to constrain it to just the five. Remember, these aren’t currently in production, and many of them stupid. But I don’t care, because I’d buy all of them.

1. A large frame Glock in .38 Super
I am stupid for guns chambered in .38 Super. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, I just think they’re SUPER AWESOME and frequently buy them. That’s why I think it would be just all kinds of neat if Glock made a gun on the Gen4 G21 frame, but chambered in .38 Super. Think about it, you’d have a gun that 17+1 rounds, so 9mm levels of capacity, but that huge frame to make it nice and easy to shoot. Come on, you know you think it’s cool.

Gen 4 Glock 35 Arredondo

2. A 5-shot Ruger GP100 in .44 Special
This is actually something I can have made. There’s a custom shop that will convert a standard GP100 into a .44, which is pretty radical. I wish they offered this as a catalog item, because it would make such a sweet big-bore wheelgun for toting around the plains of South Dakota. Smith & Wesson launched their L-frame Model 69 this year, chambered in .44 Magnum which is close, but I’d actually prefer it in .44 Special. Or .45 Colt.

So close...
So close…

3. More pocket guns in .32 ACP
When you get down to pocket gun ballistics, the .380 and the .32 ACP aren’t all that far apart. As a matter of fact, I genuinely prefer the .32 to the .380 in guns of that class because it’s usually a bit nicer to shoot. The world needs more Beretta Tomcats and fewer microlight .380s.


4. An M&P in 5.7×28
Don’t judge me, I just think it would be cool if someone other than FNH made guns in this caliber. I know it’s kind of a silly round that’s best used out of buzzguns, but I actually really like to shoot it. I think it’s neato, I just could never justify the $1,000 price tag for a Five-Seven pistol. Put that same round in a $500 M&P and I’d be all over it.

5. An 8-shot revolver in 9mm
Sometimes, wishes do come true. Thanks Smith & Wesson for making this one happen.


So, what are yours? Is there some combination of manufacturer and cartridge that you’d like to see happen? Do you want Ruger to bring back the Deerfield Carbine but chamber it in 10mm? A Glock in 7.62 Tokarev (that would be hot awesome) is your dream? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I want a low bore revolver like the Chiappa Rhino or the Mateba Model Unica 6 in a 9mm, 8 shot format that doesn’t suck.

  2. A 762 tok glock would rule it should come with a stainless barrel to be able to shoot corrosive stuff.

    I to see 9mm pocket snubs. Lighter and smaller than 38s by a bit with ammo easier to find and more affordable.

    1. I agree. A “shortened” J Frame in 9mm cut for moon clips would be just about perfect.

    2. If we could still buy Yugo Milsurp 7.62×25 for 90 bucks per 1160 round case like we could 5 or 6 years ago, I’d buy several pistols chambered for it and a shit ton of the ammo.

  3. I want a decent race aftermarket for 40 cal Hi Powers so I can build the Limited gun I’ve always wanted.

  4. “.380 and the .32 ACP aren’t all that far apart.” In raw #s no, but 380 avg ft lbs energy is around 150% that of 32 ACP, and you get a slightly bigger slightly heavier bullet. Add to that the much greater variety of ammo for 380 and the 380 is the vastly superior choice.

  5. A Ruger version of the Medusa M47. Can’t beat that kinda versatility. He’ll, I’d even settle for a Smith & Wesson version.

    1. Ill one up you a medusa type revolver with interchangeable barrels like the onld dan wessons. Any caliber or size done easily.

  6. A 10+1 round 22WMR SA with the size and shape about that of a P938 or MK9 (could be in polymer); also a similarly sized firearm same capacity (10+1) in 9mm in stainless (slightly wider (1/8 – 3/16) in the grip for a staggered stack mag, okay).

  7. +1,000 on the GP-100 in .44 Special. I’d be all over one of those. A Deerfield in 10mm is something I’d never thought of but love the idea. Even better would be to bring back the PC9 in 10mm set up to use Glock 20 mags. Announcing the new Ruger PC10!

  8. Would the 5.7×28 fit in an M&P frame? It’s a long, long cartridge for such a tiny caliber. I was thinking it would fit in a large-frame Glock.

  9. A Marlin lever action 9mm. An LCR in 9mm not requiring moon clips.

  10. How about a Ruger SR1911 CMD in .38 Super? Then there would be a Ruger 77/357 rifle except chambered for .327 Federal Magnum instead of .357. It would be a sweet rig for dipatching varmits around the farm/ranch.

    1. I’d go for a rifle in .327 as well, have the revolver, it’s a power house; now that you bring that up, maybe a Coonan 1911 in .327, it could hold more rounds.

  11. A 9mm leveraction carbine is at the top of my list.
    But this is handguns sooo:
    A .38Special +P semi auto handgun NOT based on a 1911(.38 instead of 357 because it’s a shorter round so the grip won’t be a massive)
    A new metal frame, single stack gun that’s similar in size to the Sig P225.
    A .45acp delayed blowback design. I know it won’t ever happen and would probably destroy slides and/or frames like crazy but I want one.
    A revolver that fires from the six o clock chamber that has simple internals and a good trigger.

  12. A Glock between the 21 and the 30 — .45 ACP with a 4″ barrel and a grip that my whole hand will fit on.

  13. 3 things:

    Glock 19 with a 26 grip, with factory mag sleeves(think xDm 3.8 compact)

    J-Frame 3″ .357 with 6 rounds at around 24oz with good sights and a shrouded or no hammer(basically, 6-shot Model 60)

    J-Frame ~2″ 8-shot .22WMR the same price of the 642

  14. I’d like an L-Frame / GP-100 size, 4-5″ bbl, adj. sight, 5-shot revolver in .45 ACP cut for moon clips.

    You could carry .45 ACP/Auto-Rim/Super for self-defense or, for real field use, bore the cylinder out for .460 Rowland. A real “Town and Country” carry gun.

  15. Not handguns, but: a quality AR180 (not “B”) with well for regular STANAG mags and with a chrome bore, a reproduction .276 Pedersen rifle, and a Winchester 92 in .32 H&R mag. Handguns? A five-shot J-frame or SP101 in .32 H&R, scaled down for size. I’d also love it if Ruger would bring back the SSM (.32 H&R Single Six with adjustable sights), particularly in 5 1/2″ barrel. Finally, it would be super cool if someone would make a legal reproduction Liberator – just for the fun of it – and a boxed set of “1911 trials guns” (Savage, Remington, Luger and an original Colt) all in .45 ACP.

    What I really, really want is a handgun with the magical one-shot ‘knock-down power’ for superior ‘energy transfer’, ‘low bore axis’, and ergonomics for the best ‘muscle memory’ in the industry so maybe all those nuts who believe in such crap would buy it exclusively instead of normal, good handguns and leave the rest of us alone. Except it must come only in .41 AE.

  16. I like the 19/26 idea. As well, put me down for a slightly super sized line of Ruger LCRs, scaled up just enough to hold either 5 .44 Specials or 6 .38/357; with true 3-inch tubes. I bet lock work in that size would provide a nice DAO trigger. Also, some have called for a new version of the S&W model 12: basically an air weight version of the old 3″, round butt model 10/64. Make it DAO, and put a pinned front sight with options on it and leave the lock elsewhere (yeah, I’m one of “those” revolver guys; so sue me, this is a fantasy thread…) and we’d really have something.

  17. Something like a Taurus PT145, but not made by Taurus. I’ve never seen a 10 round .45 anywhere else in such a compact package.

    1. What about the XDM Compact 3.8. It’s just under an inch longer, but the grip is shorter. Plus, you have the grip adapter for the 13 rounder.

  18. Is it too much to ask Glock to make a true long slide? Not the comp line, but a real 6″ barreled too freaking long for real carry long slide. Something that the Terminator could ask for in a pawn shop.

  19. I think it was Chuck Karwan that had a Glock 20 that het got a barrel for chambered in 9×23 that actually worked. Kind of like a bigger version of the G22 9mm conversion barrels.

    I really want an LCR with a 6 shot cylinder. And one in .22mag in 8 shot instead of only 6

    And S&W needs to bring back that uber light .32H&R, the 432 I think it was. I needs two of those.

  20. I want Ruger to make a breaktop revolver in several different models. I want a big one in .45 Colt, and a pocket-sized one in .38 Special, or even .38 S&W. I want Savage to make the 24C backpacker’s gun in .22LR/20-Gauge again.

  21. Actually, I would like an 8-shot revolver in 5.7×28. Ruger already makes a single-six in .17HMR, so it wouldn’t be the first bottleneck cartridge in a revolver.

  22. Wow. Glad to see there’s no more crack coaine in the world…cuz you guys SMOKED IT ALL!!!


  23. I dream about a full sized, high capacity 9x23mm traditional double action. The mag release is from the USP45, the safeties and slide locks are ambidextrous; shaped and positioned as USP controls, but decocking in the manner of the P30. The slide accommodates a flush fit barrel with full chamber support between 4.5 and 5 inches long. The slide rails are replaceable, and the dust cover has an integral rail system.

    The grip is shaped in the manner of the M&P, with the heavier texturing of the USP. The trigger has pull weights of 7-8 pounds in double action, 3.5-4 pounds in single action. The trigger has the feel of a wonderfully fitted Series 80 1911 with tall hammer hooks and highly polished surfaces.

    The rear of the slide has interchangeable plates to accept a wide variety of sights. These plates return to zero. The pistol can hold 6 MOA or better at 50 yards. It has a threaded barrel, and a user-removeable mag well. A variety of magazines with varying sizes and capacities are available.

    It gets bonus points for having additional 9x19mm barrels and magazines. Further bonus points are available if it comes with a .22 conversion slide.

  24. Colt Double Action revolver. Any. I only want to see two things happen in my life: The original Guns N’ Roses to reunite and record a New album and colt to make revolvers again. I can settle for 1 for 2. So Colt….please????

  25. I’d like to have a compact, single stack Glock in 10mm. I’d like to have a 41 mag Ruger Blackhawk with case colored frame, birds head grip and Bisley hammer.

    I’d like to have a round butt Smith 19/66 357 mag with a 4″ barrel. I’d like a K/L frame 5 shot Smith in 41 mag.

  26. I would love a Jimenez JA 22, manufactured and refined by a real gun manufacturer. That thing is so much fun too shoot, but unfortunately a piece of cr@p!

  27. A compact carbine in 10mm+P. The longer barrel could take advantage of the round, and absorb any recoil.

    A factory suppressed Thompson. Because.

  28. Oh, and a 9mm carbine with the mag in the grip, so it’s super compact. Of course, it should take Glock mags… And not be a Kel-Tec.

  29. Handguns. In reading some of the entries, I forgot that.

    Factory .460 Rowland, with a reinforced frame.

    LeMat redux, semi-auto, magnum revolver and 20 ga.

    2-4 shot derringer/pepperbox in 9mm.

  30. And make that 5.7 M&P in 22TCM, and avoid all the cop-killer butthurt.

  31. I’d like to see an EMP with a 4″ barrel and maybe a mag well or a rounded butt

  32. I wish Smith would swap the barrel lengths of the new 9mm revolvers. Not a big fan of a full 6inch, especially for action shooting and while the 5 inch looks to be better balanced but only 7 rounds means it loses out as a competition gun shooting minor but not getting the full 8 round advantage…

  33. A beretta nano, made my Glock.

    LCRx in .22lr

    9mm AR lower, made my Glock

    Ruger SR9s (subcompact)

    Factory, tacticool Mossberg 590 SBS

    Glock 1911, double stack glock mag.

  34. G19 sized M&P.
    LEM P30 with thumb safety.
    M&P45 slide on M&P45c frame.
    Marlin Camp Carbine.
    The Vash the Stampede revolver.

  35. A conventionally stocked rifle along the lines of a 10/22 or M1 carbine in 5.7x28mm FN.

    A Keltec PMR30 in .22LR.

    Something like a Charter Arms .44Spl Bulldog, but from S&W or Ruger.

    A double stack, full sized Kahr.

    A semiauto StG44 (not a .22 lookalike) that doesn’t cost $5,000. I’d take it even in 7.62x39mm from AK mags.

  36. 10mm m&p pistol.
    9mm carbine that takes m&p mags…and folds like the keltec

    10mm carbine in eaa mags.

  37. How about a Glock G1911… Everyone else is making them!! It would be ugly but perform beautifully and make all the Glock haters/1911 purists cringe!!!!

  38. I only want three “wish list” handguns
    1. A S&W Shield sized Glock in 9mm.
    2. A Glock the size of the Glock 19 but in 22LR.
    3. A Medusa M47 type revolver from S&W preferably but Ruger would also work.

  39. They made them before, but I’d like to see Ruger bring back the .22 magnum 10/22s and the 96/22 (both LR and magnum).
    Or the 44 magnum 10/22 variant (can’t remember the model).

    I love Rugers.

  40. A Beretta M9A1 frame with a Vertec G slide, factory-installed D spring, LTT-style SpeedBump trigger, bobbed hammer and threaded barrel.

    I would want this in full-size, Centurion and compact formats (You could omit the threading from the compact if necessary).

  41. A 357mag semi auto carbine
    A DA/SA pistol the size of a SigP232 in 9mm
    A GP100 in 44mag (true commercial offerings of 5″ barrels in all calibers)

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