10 things only people who carry concealed will understand

You put your gun on every day and go about your business like a normal person. But there are some things that you do a little bit differently because you carry a concealed firearm, and that’s okay. Because you get it. I get it. You’re welcome here.

1. Worrying about printing
You know what I’m talking about. When you first get your carry permit, there’s this little voice in the back of your head that screams “OHGODOHGODOHGOD EVERYONE CAN SEE THE OUTLINE OF MY GUN THROUGH MY SHIRT I’M GOING TO GET THE SWAT TEAM CALLED ON ME OH GOD”.

Relax, no one can see your gun, and most people are too wrapped up in their iPhones to even notice.

boss am I printing

2. Having a drawer full of holsters that you’ve tried out and tossed because they didn’t fit quite right
We have all done this. Turns out, people are all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and what works best for me might not be best for you.

3. Making sure you sit in the restaurant section and not the bar when you go out (certain states)
Some states don’t allow carry in bars, some allow it in restaurants, and some (like Indiana) just don’t care. Regardless, CCW know the pain of wondering “is this place a 51% establishment or not…”

4. Scoffing at “no guns allowed” signs that don’t have the force of law.
Some states (like Texas) have specific laws written for establishments that want to ban guns. If the posted sign doesn’t use the correct phrasing in the law, it’s pointless and has no power. Many places those signs don’t have the force of law at all.

5. Buying all your pants one inch too large in the waist to accommodate an IWB holster
We’ve all done this. Buying new jeans and thinking “Is my carry gun going to fit these?”

6. Having to be careful about hugging new people so they don’t find your gun
Dating and carrying is THE WORST. “Oh man, this girl wants to hug me, good thing I’m carrying appendix so I can give her the Christian Side Hug and she won’t feel my gun.”

7. Planning road trips around which state honor your carry permits
Every. Time. “Hey, we can go here and here, and I won’t have to take my gun off. Sweet, let’s take a vacation to beautiful Missouri, they honor my permit!”

8. Really hating life when your concealment garment is too warm for the weather
We’ve all done this. Thrown on a hoody or something for concealment when going out with friends, then it turns out to be 10 degrees warmer than the forecast. Can’t take your jacket off because you’re carrying, so you spend the day marinating in your own sweat.

9. Taking a knee to pick up dropped items instead of bending at the waist
Related to number 1! You don’t want people to see your gun if you bend over, so you take a knee Tebow-style to pick up things you’ve dropped.

10. Relishing that moment of surprise when someone you’ve been hanging out with all day finally realizes you’ve had a gun the whole time


  1. Great article!
    I have a holster drawer….
    Is the lady in the picture packing???

      1. Looks like gun one one side, mag (s) on the other. She should carry a little further back.

  2. The worst part about #5 is that “one inch larger” waist sometimes becomes your normal pants size.

    1. I was wondering if this article was written by a woman, because men have to buy pants two inches too big since no one carries odd numbered sizes….

      1. Basically every jeans manufacturer carries odd numbers. I can go buy 32, 33, or 34 inch jeans right now.

        1. You aren’t going to find 31’s too many places and when you do, they are the wrong inseam, wrong color or relaxed fit, so the butt is baggy, or the legs are too wide . . . . but no, I don’t buy a larger size to carry IWB regardless; wider legs are nice for ankle though.

  3. Great post, but I laughed especially hard at #9: Taking a knee to pick up dropped items instead of bending at the waist. I’ve known that situation all too many times!

    1. It’s the correct way to bend anyway; too many people through out their backs not realizing that the way they’ve been bending all these years has been taking a toll on them.

  4. It is handy that CCW was passed in my state and I started “feeling” older at the same time so bending on one knee killed two birds at one time. I didn’t print as bad and things hurt less.

  5. Good excuse to not give the Christian side hug “Awww man! I’m carrying at 3:00!”. πŸ˜€

  6. Goes along with #9: You carefully reach up with your off hand for things that are on the top shelf so you don’t expose your gun.

    1. That’s another “ohgodohgod” luckily for me, the wife will stand on that side of me, to prevent anybody from really seeing when we are out shopping.

  7. The answer to numbers 1, 2 5, 6, 8 and 9 is a good fanny pack. Go ahead and laugh, I don’t care because…

    A) I’m not a slave to fashion.

    B) I can draw my pistol as quickly as you can find yours under your shirt-sweater-coat and pull it from the IWB holster that’s been digging into your side all day.

    OK. sometimes I use OWB holsters and when it’s 105 degrees something small in my front pocket, but I like my Bianchi fanny packs.

      1. Sure, but I haven’t found that to be a problem. I can pull it up above my waist. In a vehicle I can pull it to the side to avoid it being trapped by the seat belt strap.

  8. Loving Oklahoma’s “Open Carry”. Now I don’t have to worry about 1, 8, or 9. Yes I know, its silly to have to have a concealed permit to carry open, but I still only carry concealed, I just don’t worry if the wind, or my child grabs my shirt.

  9. Pa is open carry, and I have an LTCF to conceal, or carry in a vehicle. I hate to get hot in warmer months, so I OC most of the time. Another one could be “What do you do with your firearm when using the bathroom?”

  10. What I don’t like about the new Illinois law is that places that make over 51% of their revenue from alcohol must post a no guns allowed sign by law. I will still frequent them as they have no choice. Its the ones that post a sign out out of ignorance that I avoid.

  11. 11) You’ve tried to see what kind of ridiculous carry setup you can get away with.

    I know for a fact that I can’t conceal my Production rig, even under a hockey jersey.

  12. Let me add one…. Men going to a stall in a Men’s Room, rather than standing at a urinal with your back to everybody.

  13. Arizona is luckily a “constitutional carry” state, because there is NO garment light enough not to feel too warm, so it’s lucky that open carry doesn’t draw more than a moment’s notice.

  14. hm, forgot to click the thing for new comment notifications. Disregard this!

  15. I don’t worry too much about printing these days. I’ve had friends fail to see an owb 1911 when I tried to show it to them; friends not notice when I answered the door while cleaning a gun; others only noticing I was carrying unconcealed an hour into dinner; friends not noticing me carrying under athletic wear…

  16. Wondering when someone at work will notice that you don’t carry that cell phone in that cell phone holster?

    1. And we are one of, if not the only state, that honors ANY and ALL CCW permit from any state. Open reciprocity. Live in NYC and have a FL permit it’s illegal for you to use? Come to MO and Carry On.

        1. Plus Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas and Vermont allow concealed carry no matter your state of residence, even if you have no carry permit.

      1. I used to live in Columbia and got my Permit Immediately after the Law passed.

        BTW, Oklahoma honors EVERY carry Permit too!!!

    2. The Ozarks and most of the rest of the state are great. K.C. and St. Louis, not so much.

  17. Awesome article. i live in ohio so thankfully i can open carry and i do daily. dont bother trying to hide it. Still when i first started carrying i had those fears like “oh god they know i have it” eventually i got used to it so when i do conceal i dont think about it as much as i used to.

      1. #4, so glad that the only restrictions for open/concealed carry in Utah, is Private Residence (if you are informed by the home owner that guns are not allowed) as well as places of worship. (76-10-530. Trespass with a firearm in a house of worship or private residence — Notice — Penalty.)

        Of course your typical Federal buildings, and court house’s

  18. Lorraine, there is no law in Ohio that says you can’t open carry. Most people here carry concealed . I have a license to ccw but I still open carry around the house or when I walk the dog. If I go to the store or anywhere there are lots of people , I just flop my extra long t-shirt tail over it and I’m good to go. And frankly, I don’t care if I print as I have a ccw and the hoplaphobes need to get over it. All the gun grabbers out there do things I don’t like , but I don’t try to take away their right to do so. Keep your powder dry and the rust off your sidearm………..

    1. Tom I also live in Ohio.I open carry in my home but I do conceal when anywhere else. There are still businesses that post signs stating no guns allowed but as long as I wear it and cover it up no one knows. Banks and government places I don’t carry at all but other then that I carry every where . I just cover it up. I use wb holster. I go every where with mine. I have a ccw as well. And all ten have gotten me at one time or another lol

  19. Going to be out shopping for a couple of hours and refuse to drink before or during so you don’t have to use the restroom.

  20. I’m Lucky-I live in Las Vegas, NV-I’m a pretty big guy so I can wear my .45 ACP-Ilove being comfy so big clothes are a must-Dickies shorts size 40, and 3X Extra Long Extra Large:-)

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