M3 Strategies Fakeout Drill

I spend a lot of time talking about derp in the tactical training world. Today, I’m talking about the exact opposite of that: M3 Strategies and Stephen Pineau. Stephen’s a cool bro and is what up-and-coming trainers should be: thoughtful, articulate, and most importantly seriously about both his development as a shooter and developing his students. Check out his Fakeout Drill above and let me know what you think.


  1. Great Drill and he made a great point to learn to call your shots and move to the next target!! I took a Half Day Rob Leatham class yesterday and Rob told me that my weak Point was that I sat there and “Admired my Work”…. He got me moving to the next target fast within 5 minutes to one on one training!!

  2. Very smart, well thought out drill. It’s obvious he’s spent a lot of time with shooters, the ruts they tend to fall into, and how shooters will BS themselves during practice.

    I think a neat variation on this would be to blend it with the Navy drill and make the shooter change shooting positions between magazines.

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