I am a fundamentally unserious person

Photo courtesy IDPA
Photo courtesy IDPA

At National level IDPA matches, following the awards banquet those that have won plaques trophies get their photos taken. Everyone always does the same super “I won, let’s stand here and gaze upon my plaque” face. I don’t.

For those of you that clicked the jump, congratulations! You’re going to read the meat of the post, which is where I talk about something even more important: fun. I like shooting IDPA. I like the people I get to see at major IDPA matches. I honestly think that’s why IDPA’s growth is outpacing everyone except for 3-Gun, because it’s fun. There is just enough of an element of silliness in the scenario stages that you can relax and have fun with it.

When I was 8 years old, I played pretend. I shot at communists, Indians, train robbers, played war with my friends, and generally had a grand old time. Now that I’m just an overgrown 8 year old with a credit card and a gun, I still play pretend. It’s just a little bit more serious now, but fundamentally that’s the joy of it: I know I’m never going to be attacked by an army of animal rights terrorists at a rodeo, but who cares? I’m shooting guns, it’s fun, and I can, if even for only a few seconds at a time forget about all the other things that I have going on.

If you’re not having fun shooting matches, I’d suggest that you’re doing it wrong.


  1. I saved the fun for the other photos, but they still haven’t posted them dammit.

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