1. Dosnt look like it would hold the weapon in the holster at a full run? Lot of flopping around .

  2. The thing I like about the Lionheart guns is they are kind of like open source pistols. Did they try to reinvent the wheel and develop their own proprietary sights that would be difficult to source a replacement for? Nope they went with Novak sights so any kind of sight combination you’d want (straight black on black, black with a fiber, etc) you can get. Did they develop their own unique factory finish? Nope Cerakote. It great finish why use something else? Magazines? Same as the S&W 59 and the Daewoo, why make brand new mags when those mags work.

    On top of that get totally get how to use social media. I wanted to rent one when I went out to the Seattle Area for a trip this past fall so I asked their Facebook page, “Where can I test drive one.” and they not only responded with where I could go they followed up with me a few days later to see what I thought of it.

  3. Can’t see them well enough to say 100% but the top of the slide looks very much like the funky wavy “serrations” the old East German Makarov’s have ?

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