Is the Desert Eagle the most iconic video game handgun?

This is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen about guns in video games; hitting all the high points of the Desert Eagle and its appearance in a host of video games over the decades. I do actually want a Desert Eagle, in .357 Magnum of course. Because buying more than one caliber is silly. For our gaming friends, what do you think the most iconic video game handgun is?


  1. The generic “assault rifle” which always seems to look like either an AK-47 or an AR-15. Sometimes both. So many games that didn’t secure the rights or didn’t want to just went with this simple staple of a damage maker.

  2. I don’t play video games, but I’ve handled and fired other guys’ Desert Eagles in 357 and 44 mag. I don’t get it.

    Head shots? Ask a guy who has been shot between the eyes with a 50 cal. Desert Eagle and another guy shot between the eyes with a 75 year old Smith 32 hand ejector. You’ll get the same response from each of them.

  3. prior to owning actual firearms, I would agree that it is the most recognizable. Once you own one or two, you tend to notice the offerings that match your preferred manufacturer, if not your personal model. I generally tend to ignore video game gun specifics as game balance requires significant changes, like magazine capacity or “damage”, and even call of duty makes glaring mistakes in their model design, even going so far as to spend additional time to model 6mm BB feeds on the magazines of the FiveseveN.

  4. I’m not sure which is cooler… a Desert Eagle or a Judge. If I had a pink ’59 Coupe De Ville with 20 inch rims I’d probably go with the gold Desert Eagle.

  5. I always figured the reason the Desert Eagle appeared so often in movies was because its large size meant that it would be clearly visible on the screen, especially in a nickel finish.

    And as the video said, video games often followed cinema.

    My favorite Desert Eagle scene is, of course, Arnold’s closet in The Last Action Hero, where he has a week’s worth of identical shirts, jackets, pants, boots, and Desert Eagles. Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs would have been proud.

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