#shotshow Springfield Armory RO 9mm


One of the cooler guns from Shot Show this is the new Springfield Armory Range Officer 1911 9mm. It’s been flying under the radar a bit this week, overshadowed by the new four inch XDs. We’re big fans of the RO line from Springfield, it’s a lot of gun from a reputable maker for not a lot of money. We also like 9mm 1911s a lot, because they’re amazing to shoot. We think the Springfield Armory Range Officer 1911 9mm is going to be a big hit.




  1. Shades of The Way of the Gun…(Colt Series 70 Govt);)

    Any thoughts on comparing the 1911 9mm with the Browning Hi Power?

    1. They are really two different guns. The P-35’s fire control system is a series of links and levers so about the only commonality would be that they both have a hammer and sear and
      can be carried Cocked-and-Locked. P-35 has no bushing or linked-barrel set-up but at least locks up in the top of the slide. On the other hand the P-35 is arguably the First Hi-Capacity 9mm !

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